2020 Summer Photo Contest Is Open…Enter To Win $500!

The Gallery Collection is proud to announce our 2020 Summer Photo Contest has officially opened!

The contest is free to enter, and entries are being accepted now through Sept. 3th, 2020 with the winner being announced on or about Sept. 17th, 2020. To review the official contest rules and submit your best summer photo, visit the Summer Photo Contest Submission Page. The Gallery Collection is thrilled to continue the tradition of giving away more cash prizes through this new photo contest.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to Help Build Our Summer Story Together!

19 thoughts on “2020 Summer Photo Contest Is Open…Enter To Win $500!”

  1. Finally out of the house and on to the beaches! I love the sunrise out there. I hope you like my photo.

  2. Trying to explain to two kids, eight and ten, that we couldn’t go to Disneyworld this summer took all the energy I had. I don’t think you’re looking for a photo of them crying, or me crying while I broke the bad news. And then the beaches opened and part of the summer was saved! I have pictures of that.

  3. We had the best summer in the yard with a kiddie pool & sprinkler, a bean bag toss game and an obstacle course. It saved tons of money not being able to travel. I even grew some cherry tomatoes in pots. I’ll be sending in pics.

  4. My wife & I drove to the Jersey shore once it was open and we have some fabulous sunrise photos to share with you. We have them in our digital picture frame.

  5. Missing out on the three B’s of summer this year- baseball, barbecues and beaches- so I’ll have to get more creative with a different kind of photo. Boats, maybe.

  6. Time is so short and we never got to get away this summer. I’ll try to make the kids do something funny in our own backyard.

  7. Summer stories have been different this year but we still had a blast in our yard and on short road trips. Saved a lot of money, too, but I’d still like to win the $500-

  8. Summer has been a series of day trips for me and my boys – to the park, mostly. But we did drive to the shore once and took some pictures of surf, shells and seaweed. I hope 2021 will be a summer to travel to Greece to see our family.

  9. Will we get to see the photos that won? Will you make new cards from some of them? That would be interesting.

  10. We’re going to a wedding in a park this weekend. I’m sure I’ll have a photo of a Summer 2020 style celebration.

  11. Happy faces and good times – that’s what I hope to see when the Summer Photo Contest is done. I need some happy after how the year 2020 has gone so far.

  12. Yes, we really did have a summer but couldn’t travel as in the past. Our yard was our vacation spot and I hope I win the contest! Seriously, we saved a ton of money towards a trip next year.

  13. When you were a kid did you pick out animal shapes in the clouds? If you’re as old as I am that’s what you did on a summer day . So that’s the picture I took for your contest, an animal in the clouds.

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