Empowering Employees Through Sympathy Cards

When it comes to writing out sympathy cards for employees, some people can express their feelings with words on paper much more easily than with words in person.  Others can just get stuck and not know where or how to start.  They feel like if they write too much, it may come across like the recipient is reading a long paragraph on how sorry you are for their loss.  Yet, if they write too little, it seems as though it was a rushed sentiment, and that they did not take enough time to truly express their heart-felt thoughts. Either way, it is important to empower employees through sympathy cards regardless of the length of the message.

In the office, a sympathy card is a wonderful source of encouragement; it will make the employee feel like they are valued and are thought about on a personal level.  They are inexpensive, yet extremely rich in meaning.  Giving your employee a sympathy card simply implies “I care.”

The death of a loved one is one of the most difficult rough patches a person can go through in their lifetime. Writing a sympathy card is one of the simplest things you can do to help lift your co-worker’s spirit.  Your employee will appreciate the fact you took the time to express your feelings, and that goes a long way.

4 thoughts on “Empowering Employees Through Sympathy Cards”

  1. Your sympathy cards are beautiful and I love all the pre-written sympathy messages to choose from. I love having this on hand for whenever we may need them. I do agree that they are very empowering and say “I care” and just so thoughtful.

  2. Sending a company sympathy card is such an easy thoughtful way to let your employees know you care.

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