A Business Anniversary Cards Dinosaur Milestone

This morning Melody B. was greeted at work by a business anniversary cards signed by our Chairman of the Board, our President, the managers she reports to, and myself – her supervisor. Twenty years in a company is certainly a milestone! It shows years of dedication and loyalty. Melody has been a customer service rep at our company for twenty years today. Of course, we will be celebrating her anniversary, along with the other three employees that are also celebrating their 20th year, at a party given by the company in the spring. At the party, Melody, along with the other three employees, will be inducted into the Dinosaur Club, a very prestigious club here at The Gallery Collection. All members of the Dinosaur Club have been with the company for at least 20 years. The club has grown quite large since its inception. We now have a total of 38 dinosaurs – 24 that are still working!

Melody was excited to receive the business anniversary greeting cards, and we were as thrilled by her anniversary as she was. We will also be having goodies later today to celebrate this great day. Our company is special in the way it treats its employees. Our employees show their appreciation by their loyalty, dedication, and service to our customers. Melody and the others that handle our customer calls every day epitomize what The Gallery Collection means when we say that customer satisfaction is our primary objective.

It is a pleasure to listen to Melody when she speaks with her customers. In this day when service to customers is so rare, callers are surprised when they experience her warmth and sincerity. She receives many complimentary letters and notes from our customers. Because we are a seasonal business, we hire many seasonal employees later in the year. Sitting new seasonal employees near Melody is a training experience in itself. They quickly learn that our customers are very important to us and we want them to show the same warmth and caring to their contacts that Melody shows to hers.

It’s been such a pleasure knowing Melody and working with her for the past 20 years. She is a delight…always smiling and her wit makes every day a new experience. She is our pet laureate and song write extraordinaire. Melody usually writes a song for all our celebrations and events, which includes our Dinosaur Club parties. Happy Anniversary, Melody! Thanks for choosing The Gallery Collection for that job interview 20 years ago. It’s been a great tip!