Business Christmas Cards and the Appreciation Factor

Last year, a little before Christmas, I was in my friend’s office (she is a doctor) and found a Gallery Collection business Christmas card hanging on her door. Even though I had worked for The Gallery Collection for over a year, this was the first time I had seen one of our Christmas cards in a place other than at work. A few days later, I was visiting my dentist, and what did I find? Another business Christmas card by The Gallery Collection!  “How exciting,” I thought. And then right before Christmas I was in my church’s office helping to get ready for the children’s pageant, and what did I see? A table full of business Christmas cards by The Gallery Collection!

Before that happened, I never really had thought much about business Christmas cards. I knew that people sent them (obviously…since I work for a company that makes them), but they never really were something that I had taken the time to recognize. But it got me to thinking about why people send business Christmas cards. Generally speaking, they are sent to show people that you appreciate them and are thinking of them. But this notion as it relates to business never really occurred to me before! While I do think of and appreciate the friends and family members to whom I normally send cards, it never occurred to me how much the people we work with and help us throughout the business day would appreciate these cards as well….and appreciate knowing that THEY are appreciated!