I forgot…but should I Still Send That Birthday Card?

These days time passes us by with the blink of an eye.  Being too busy with work, school, family, just life in general – it happens to the best of us.  In fact we get so caught up in day to day that we even forget special occasions, like a loved ones Birthday.  There’s usually an inner debate in your mind, wondering…should I still send a belated Birthday card?  The answer is absolutely send one out!

These days there are so many options for those who need to send out late Birthday wishes.  You can totally make a joke about it, if the recipient has a great sense of humor. You could also be completely sincere incase the person gets offended easily. Actually, I find the belated birthday cards usually are the funniest!  If you choose to take a serious, more apologetic approach for your temporary forgetfulness, you can always write a personal message that has some humor. The best of both worlds!

Regardless if you forgot a friend’s, coworker’s or a family member’s special day, you will definitely win some points back by sending out a belated Birthday card.  Just like the saying goes, “Better late than never!”

Business Birthday Cards Make the Dentist Less Painful

Whenever I think of the dentist I cringe in terror. There is something about going to the dentist that just makes my skin crawl. The needles, the drills, the noise…its awful! I never connect anything positive with a trip to the dentist, even though I do love having nice pearly white choppers. I begrudgingly make my yearly trip to the dentist because I have to, certainly not because I want to. So imagine my pleasant surprise when I received business birthday cards from my dentist.

My dentist has taken on epic proportions in my mind. He is like an evil tyrant who rules over all he surveys. In actuality he is a very nice and mild mannered gentleman. He always tries to make my visits as comfortable as possible, and he’s always ready with a joke and a smile. But while I’m sitting in his chair, he may as well be Attila the Hun. When he comes near me, whether he is holding a drill or just a small cup of mouthwash, I involuntarily flinch. There is nothing he can do to dissuade me of my fear of him. I’m pretty sure he dreads my visits as much as I do as he knows just what lies ahead of him when I arrive. So sending me birthday greeting cards was actually a brilliant idea.

Receiving a birthday card from my dentist was a nice surprise. When I opened the card and saw who it was from I let out a giant laugh. I couldn’t believe that my dentist was so thoughtful. I couldn’t believe he didn’t hate me! Getting a birthday card from my dentist showed me that he values my business even though I am probably one of the most difficult patients he has. It made me feel like he knows each and every one of his patients, and that we are all important to his practice. It’s nice to be remembered on your birthday, and I think that birthday greeting cards are the best part about getting older. My dentist thought of me on my special day, just like all of my friends and family.

I have since made a promise to myself that on my next visit to the dentist I will try to behave like someone who isn’t terribly frightened by every move he makes. The birthday card was such a nice gesture that I’m starting to see him in a different light (well, I’m trying to anyway). He’s a good dentist, and he sends me cards. That’s a pretty good combo for me.