Design 295AR – Still Life: Vase with Oleanders and Books

Vincent Van Gogh painted this breathtaking oil on canvas in 1888 and over 100 years later it is still brilliant. Design 295AR – Still Life: Vase with Oleanders and Books, takes this masterpiece and creates stunning business greeting cards. There is no sentiment on the front of the card so it has a multitude of uses; thank you, sympathy, get well or birthday. It can also be used as a general purpose note card, one that anybody would be happy to receive.

The appeal of Design 295AR lies in the graceful beauty and serenity of the oleanders. It is a greeting card so calming and pleasant to look at that you may want to frame it and keep it on display the whole year through.

Design 295AR - Still Life: Vase with Oleanders and Books
Design 295AR - Still Life: Vase with Oleanders and Books

Design #103AE – Brushstroke Sympathy

If you’re looking to purchase business sympathy cards, design #103AE, Brushstroke Sympathy Greeting Card, is very appropriate. The design is a very simple and elegant expression of sympathy. It conveys an almost heavenly feeling to anyone who receives it. The Gallery Collection always expresses the proper message of condolence that you would want to send to anyone who is grieving. Whether they are sympathy cards or Christmas cards, you can count on them being beautiful and tasteful. The soft blue foil against the sweeping brushstroke has just the right touch of color so it does not look sad or dull.

Design #103AE - Brushstroke Sympathy Greeting Card
Design #103AE - Brushstroke Sympathy
Greeting Card

This is a very appropriate card to send on either a personal level or from a business to its clients, customers, or employees. The sympathy greetings provided by The Gallery Collection are simply and eloquently phrased and are appropriate for either business or personal use as well.

Soothing Sympathy Cards with Butterflies and Lilies

When sending business sympathy cards you need to think simple but elegant, and design #316AY, Graceful Sympathy Card, is an appropriate fit. You shouldn’t send a card that is too colorful and busy. After all, we know it is a very difficult time for your friend or co-worker. This design is printed on cream colored stock on recycled paper. It is a beautiful card, with a large blue butterfly poised on an intertwining vine with small pale green leaves. The butterfly appears to be ready for flight. You can almost picture yourself sitting alone in a small park thinking about the past and wondering about the future. Your recipient will find this card very comforting and soothing.

Design #316AY - Graceful Sympathy Card
Design #316AY - Graceful Sympathy Card

Business sympathy cards are one of the hardest cards to send. Design #098AY, Sympathy Water Lilies Card, can help make this process easier. You want to let your recipient know how much you feel for his or her loss and that they are in your thoughts, but you have to make sure you do this in a very gentle way…and this card is very gentle. It is done on a cream colored stock with two white pearlized water lilies perched on light green lily pads.

Design #098AY - Sympathy Water Lilies Greeting Card
Design #098AY - Sympathy Water Lilies
Greeting Card

This is a very reflective design. How many times have you sat by the edge of the water and stared out thinking of past memories, good and precious times you shared with your loved ones, and maybe wishing you could still have them here to create even more memories. This is the type of card that can make you feel inspired.

Either one of these sympathy cards would be appropriate to send and very much appreciated.

Thinking of You Cards Cover a Variety of Happenstance

When you have an occasion to send business get well cards, you don’t really want it to look like a corporate get well card. I mean, it should be friendly and attractive as opposed to stodgy and bland. When I look at design #222AY, Victorian Wreath Thinking of You Card, I see a soft and caring motif with the simple “Thinking of You” next to the stunning loosely woven wreath. The delicate mauve roses and ecru berries are discreetly interwoven with the pastel blue ribbon. Not only can this design serve as a business get well card, but “Thinking of You” are words that can cover a variety of happenstances. One could use greeting S4, “Thinking of You at this Time,” or leave the card blank and express a personal message. While my inclination would have been to write the words in blue rather than green foil, it doesn’t merit changing because it is still very appealing in the green foil.

Design #222AY - Victorian Wreath Thinking of You Card
Design #222AY - Victorian Wreath
Thinking of You Card

For design #049AY, Thinking of You Lilies Greeting Card, I love the pastel hues used in this design. The choice of the sandy rose pink and mossy green is both appealing and soothing. Even the way the lilies are nestled upon the curling leaves draws you to the flowers, which will evoke feelings of comfort. Flowers symbolize many different things to many different people. That is why there is only the need to say, “Thinking of You.” In times of distress or sorrow, when words don’t always come to us easily, one can never make a mistake by saying, “Thinking of You.”

Design #049AY - Thinking of You Lilies Greeting Card
Design #049AY - Thinking of You Lilies
Greeting Card