Do Get Well Cards Work?

Sometimes we often forget that it is the simple things that make us smile and make our days brighter.   I am a manager for over 200 customer service representatives and with 200 of them, it is very hard to reach out to each and every one of them to let them know that I and the company cares about them.  One simple gesture that I found is really appreciated is to send out get well cards to employees who have to be out due to illness for more than 3 days.  The last time I did this, one of the employees was sick with the flu which nearly turned into pneumonia.  Before I started the practice of sending out get well cards, I would simply note the absence in our attendance book.  Literally, that was the only thing I did to mark an employee’s illness.  Then, when I was out sick for a week (with the flu as well), I received business get well cards signed by all my employees.  That one gesture really brightened my day and I suspect, started me down the road toward recovery.

Because the card made me feel a whole lot better, I decided that thereon in, I would send out my own cards to sick employees.    Getting back to the employee who almost had pneumonia…when she returned to work, the first place she stopped was my office to say thank you for the card.  She was so appreciative of a little thing like a get well card.  I really feel that cards are an excellent way to let employees know you care about them.  It is a small gesture that speaks volumes – I suspect that these small gestures play a part in raising morale, retaining loyalty and might even inch someone closer to recovery.  I definitely recommend sending out cards to ailing employees!

Get Well Cards Rescue the Sale

I am a senior salesperson who had a really positive experience with Get Well cards.  In November, I was pursuing a lead for a new account.  My contact for the potential business was the CIO.  We had been to lunch a few times and I started feeling like the new deal could be mine.  I sell software which monitors network activity and it is pretty pricey.  Every deal is a potential huge deal for me.  When I called the CIO’s Executive Assistant to confirm our next appointment she told me that Dan, the CIO, would be unable to meet me on the scheduled date.  Startled, I asked whether Dan simply didn’t want to pursue the deal with me any further and she replied, “It’s not that.  Dan is in the hospital having bypass surgery”.   I hung up disappointed and dejected because not only was the deal off, but I felt I had been building a good relationship with the CIO and certainly did not like hearing that he was ill.

Obviously sending flowers to the hospital or visiting was entirely inappropriate considering that this was a business relationship with someone I only gotten to know two months ago.  I decided then that I should send a business get well card to at least express my hopes for his speedy recovery and return.   The get well card went off in the mail and I forgot about the lost deal as several months went by.  Then, in January I got a phone call from you know who!  It was Dan, back at work and ready to pick up our conversation.    A few days later we went out to lunch to discuss the deal and Dan said, “You know, there were 5 competitors out to get this sale and not one of them was as thoughtful as you.  As soon as I received your card I knew we’d be doing business together.”  I can happily report that Dan is feeling much better, the sale was made and I can thank  business get well cards for sealing the deal!

Design #564AR – Butterfly Wishes Get Well Card

In today’s fast paced business world, with all our modern technology right at our finger tips like emails, e-cards, and voicemail, mailing actual business get well cards to co-workers or business associates would have more personal meaning than you can imagine. Design #564AR, Butterfly Wishes Get Well Card, printed on glossy white card stock features a picturesque view of flowering foliage and nature’s quiet beauty the – butterfly.

Green sun kissed leaves displayed behind small clusters of delicate violet colored flowers guide your eyes right into a summer garden paradise. Perched on one of the flowers is a large swallowtail butterfly, with its wings fully spread out, capturing the brilliant yellow and black color design on its wings. This summer garden picture is then framed in a green foil border that matches the sun kissed foliage of the flowers and leaves that appear in the background.

Design #564AR - Butterfly Wishes Get Well Card
Design #564AR - Butterfly Wishes Get Well Card

Centered underneath the framed picture in the same green foil are the words “Get Well Soon” printed in a light airy script that matches the card’s design theme – summer, fresh, and airy. This business get well card, with its picture of a butterfly and summer flowers, contains symbols that bring warmth, comfort, and healing wishes to those who are not feeling well or are on their way to recovery. Sending this business get well cards design is a simple yet refreshing way to express your special wishes to someone.

Business Get Well Cards Speed Recovery

Business get well cards carry a great deal more weight than their size might imply. As a valued measure of one’s likability, dependability, and loyalty, business get well cards can help speed recovery. When someone is injured or ailing, the best “medicine” may be in knowing that your presence and talents are missed and needed.

Even if, perhaps especially if, an illness is chronic or terminal, the thoughtfulness of warm and caring wishes can soothe and soften a difficult endurance. If it’s not appropriate to say “get well soon” or “wishing you a speedy recovery,” you can still say “Thinking of you…”

Nor does it have to be an accident or a germ that gives you reason to wish someone well. Many good people wage daily battles against addiction, whether of alcohol, narcotics, cigarettes, foods or even nail-biting. Your private acknowledgment and encouragement of accomplishments can help a valued employee strengthen his or her resolve.

When economical fortitude is tested, business get well cards can foster perseverance. They can let others know, “We’re in this together and together we will heal and succeed!” A timely business get well card may help to keep your favorite vendor from giving in and giving up. It may help your valued client to act from optimism instead of from pessimism. And, in the great wheel of what-goes-around-comes-around, this thoughtful statement will demonstrate your own strength, optimism, and fortitude – a winning combination!

Thinking of You Cards Cover a Variety of Happenstance

When you have an occasion to send business get well cards, you don’t really want it to look like a corporate get well card. I mean, it should be friendly and attractive as opposed to stodgy and bland. When I look at design #222AY, Victorian Wreath Thinking of You Card, I see a soft and caring motif with the simple “Thinking of You” next to the stunning loosely woven wreath. The delicate mauve roses and ecru berries are discreetly interwoven with the pastel blue ribbon. Not only can this design serve as a business get well card, but “Thinking of You” are words that can cover a variety of happenstances. One could use greeting S4, “Thinking of You at this Time,” or leave the card blank and express a personal message. While my inclination would have been to write the words in blue rather than green foil, it doesn’t merit changing because it is still very appealing in the green foil.

Design #222AY - Victorian Wreath Thinking of You Card
Design #222AY - Victorian Wreath
Thinking of You Card

For design #049AY, Thinking of You Lilies Greeting Card, I love the pastel hues used in this design. The choice of the sandy rose pink and mossy green is both appealing and soothing. Even the way the lilies are nestled upon the curling leaves draws you to the flowers, which will evoke feelings of comfort. Flowers symbolize many different things to many different people. That is why there is only the need to say, “Thinking of You.” In times of distress or sorrow, when words don’t always come to us easily, one can never make a mistake by saying, “Thinking of You.”

Design #049AY - Thinking of You Lilies Greeting Card
Design #049AY - Thinking of You Lilies
Greeting Card

Business Get Well Cards and Pillows

What do business get well cards have to do with pillows? That thought crossed my mind as we were looking over the new 2009 get well cards designs this morning. Design #115AY, Vintage Get Well Card, is a floral design reminiscent of years gone-by. One of my co-workers chimed in saying it reminded her of her favorite pillow called “Rosie.” Apparently, “Rosie” took her through good times and bad. Actually, some other co-workers remembered “Rosie” as Lindsey took her on a business road trip. That is one aspect of comparing get well cards to a pillow but when you think of it…if you are under the weather is there anything more welcoming than a pillow to lay your head down on or business get well cards received from your co-workers or business associates to cheer you up?

Design #115AY Vintage Get Well Card
Design #115AY Vintage Get Well Card

Design #109AR, Wishing You Well Greeting Card, is another classic design that can be used to send your wishes to co-workers, family, or friends. It is a simple, stylish design that is sure to show your recipient that you care and you wish them well. The design is stylish but generic enough to send to anyone and is sure to bring warm thanks for your thoughtfulness. Many of us have spent time out of work nursing either an injury or sickness. When someone is not feeling well, opening a get well card and seeing that you are remembered by someone at work goes a long way to helping you recover.

Design #109AR Wishing You Well Greeting Card
Design #109AR Wishing You Well Greeting Card

Business Get Well Cards Help to Lighten the Mood Around the Office

Business get well cards are among the different types of corporate greeting cards that companies often send. While these cards are usually passed around within an office for a variety of serious ailments, another reason to send these types of greeting cards is to spread humor and cheer among co-workers.

For instance, one day I missed an afternoon of work due to a dental appointment. This appointment arose from an incident where, during a particularly vivid dream, I managed to chip a tooth on the corner of my nightstand. When I got to work the next day, I found a corporate get well card in my inbox, compliments of a bemused co-worker. I managed to return the favor when the same co-worker suffered a minor ankle-sprain as a result of the all-too-uncommon ping pong injury. And since our supervisor, a notorious foot-shuffler, suffers from an acute static-electricity problem during the winter months, one fellow employee managed to have fun passing out get well cards to her numerous shock victims.

As you can see, some of the more humorous uses of business get well cards can help keep the mood light while fostering positive feelings among the office staff.

Get Well Cards from my Doctor

Here’s a little story of business get well cards and a visit to my doctor…

If you are anything like me, you really have to be feeling pretty bad to call and make an appointment to go see a doctor.  Who wants to waste a vacation day or leave work early to go sit in the waiting room of a doctor’s office with a bunch of other people sneezing, coughing, and spreading their germs on you?  I am convinced that at this point you are actually getting sicker than you were when you walked in.

But there are three things I can always count on when I dial the phone number to make an appointment.  The first is that I know I will always be caught up on all my news and gossip, as my doctor subscribes to every magazine available.  The second is that I will go home with a great new recipe since we all watch the Food Network while sitting in the waiting area.  And the third is that I know in a couple of days my get well card will be arriving in the mail.

I had never even heard of such a thing…doctors sending get well cards?  I mean, can you imagine how many cards they must send out each year?   But when I’ve thanked my doctor in the past and expressed that I thought this was a great gesture to his patients, he always replies that this is his business, and just like any other company or organization who orders business get well cards for their employees or clients, he does the same.  I guess it’s not so bad after all to go and watch TV, read a magazine, and then get some mail a couple days later that isn’t a credit card offer or a bill!

Get Well Cards: Nice to Receive, Even if you’re Not Sick!

I enjoy working for a company that makes business get well cards and other types of greeting cards, but there comes a time when every person needs a break from her job. Finally, a vacation! After a year of not going anywhere except occasionally to upstate New York, I decided it was time that I kick up my heels on a sandy, warm beach in the Caribbean and forget about my work in the world of corporate greeting cards for a week. I decided it best to go at the end of winter, my least favorite season, to rejuvenate myself and try to regain that healthy glow I once had months prior. April seemed like the perfect time. Everything was planned, my vacation days were approved, and I was ready to go! But in the hullabaloo of preparation and excitement, I forgot to tell one person that I would be out of the office…an outside business vendor.

It didn’t even cross my mind that I had forgotten to mention my vacation to Holly, my off-site vendor whom I speak to almost daily on the phone, until I came home. I was rested, tanned and relaxed, trying to catch up on “real life” by going through my mail at home. I came across a few envelopes for greeting cards, which I assumed were for my upcoming birthday. We often exchange business birthday cards with our vendors so I thought the envelope with the Kansas return address contained a birthday card from Holly. Instead, when I opened the envelope I found a beautiful get well card. “A get well card? Who is sick?” I wondered to myself. I opened up the greeting card and found it was addressed to me! Normally, I’d be touched to receive get well cards from colleagues or vendors but since I wasn’t ill, I was a bit confused. The message inside the greeting card read:

Dear Janine,

I have not received any calls from you in a week, and figured you were out of the office. At first I thought you were on vacation, but knew you would’ve told me, and assumed that you were sick. I hope you feel better and are back at the office soon!

– Holly

Now what was I to do in this situation? I thought it strange to assume someone is sick, but her action of sending me a get well greeting card was really thoughtful, even if unwarranted. I was stuck. Should I play it off like I really was under the weather to save her the embarrassment? Should I be truthful and apologize for forgetting to tell her? I returned to work the following day and showed my coworkers the beautiful greeting cards I received. I thought it best to tell Holly the truth, and we both had a good laugh. The next time I take off from work, I’ll be sure to remember to notify Holly and save us both the embarrassment!