Get Well Cards in the Business World

A thoughtful get well card is sure to brighten up anyone’s day when they are feeling ill. In a business setting though, it’s important to keep some tips in mind to ensure your being respectful and sensitive to someone’s private life outside of work.

There are many get well cards out there to choose from. Avoid cards that are too sad or overly sensitive. Some illnesses take longer than others to recover from. Read through the greeting and put yourself in the shoes of the receiver and ask yourself – “is this appropriate to send?” Although you may know of the severity of someone’s illness, it’s best to keep it short, sweet, and professional. There are also some get well cards that mention “God.” I would avoid sending cards like that unless you know the person does believe in God. Even then, you never know when someone’s beliefs may change. If you have to second guess yourself on your get well card purchase, choose a more basic type of card. Of course, use your own discretion when choosing a card, depending on how well you know the person who’s sick.

One idea is to have your whole team purchase a get well soon card and everyone can sign and write in it. This is a great idea because everyone can chip in and get a really nice card, and even be able to send flowers or something additional with the card.

Get Well Cards Can Brighten Someone’s Day

While I wouldn’t call myself clumsy, I am probably not the most stable person out there.  A couple of sprained ankles and wrists and a hospital visit here or there can attest to that.  Luckily, I have never had an injury that I couldn’t laugh about after a few days.  This was the case, at least, until last winter.  Let me back track a bit here to set the scenario for what actually happened.  After a few months of being out of work, I finally found myself a great job at a great company.  I was so happy and things really could not be any better.  Then came the ice storm only one month into my new job.  You have to understand that a small patch of ice to someone like me is a recipe for disaster, so when the whole ground was covered by ice, I knew I was in trouble.  I couldn’t stay home, though.  I was only at my job for two weeks and I couldn’t miss a day so soon, especially when the roads looked clear.  I walked slowly down my steps, holding onto the railing for dear life and could you believe it, I actually made it safely to the bottom.  I think this is where my confidence got a little high because on my third step away from the steps, I found myself in the air, horizontal, and falling fast.  The next thing I knew, I was in the hospital with a cast on my right arm.  A few days passed and my work said it was fine and to take my time feeling better, but I couldn’t help being nervous about missing so many days so soon into my new job.  All my fears subsided, however, when I received a packet of get well cards from everyone at my company.  Just knowing that they cared and didn’t forget about the new employee meant the world to me.

I spent a good hour reading through all the messages in my get well cards.  Nothing could have brightened my day any more than this.  People I didn’t even know yet at the company were wishing me well.  The card really gave me the strength to get through the next few days and until I was able to return to work.  The first thing I did when I got back was let everyone know how the company get well cards helped to get me through my injury.   They meant more to me than they could ever understand.

Corporate Get Well Cards are Good Medicine

I just got a get well card from my bank, and I can’t tell you what a pleasant surprise it was to receive. Since I’ve been with the same branch for a few years, I’ve gotten to know several of the tellers and the manager and they always have a nice, warm welcome when I come in. It makes it pleasant to do business there.

It turns out that one of the tellers has a son in the same lacrosse league as my son. Last month their two teams played each other and when she heard my son’s name mentioned she came looking for me. Unfortunately, I was missing a really exciting game. My husband explained that I was home with the flu and everyone was trying to avoid me so they didn’t get it too. I hadn’t had the flu in years and I can’t believe how long that miserable feeling lasts!

Well, a few days later, when my husband brought in the mail; there was a piece addressed to me. It was a beautiful get well card from the bank that the manager and all the tellers had signed. I was feeling slightly better by then, but the card was like a shot of medicine and really picked me up. How thoughtful of them to think of me and send a card.

When I returned to work, I mentioned the bank’s get well card to my boss and he decided to order some company get well cards to keep on hand for our employees and clients. I told him I’d be happy to be the one to send them out because I now know how pleasant it can be to get one when you’re feeling less than perfect.