Get Well Cards Turned my Frown Upside Down

Ever have one of those weeks? You know the ones that I’m talking about – where everything that can go wrong does. It’s almost like being in quicksand. The more you try to do, the further down you go. I had one of those weeks recently and it turned out that  get well cards was all it took to get me turned around. I know that sounds sappy, but it’s true.

I had a really big presentation at the corporate office in Cincinnati that Monday so there was enough pressure on me already. Then it hits me, my dog of 12 years became very sick. His name was Randy. I say “was” because my little pooch passed away a couple days after the presentation. It turns out he had an issue with his kidneys and they started to shut down.

The Cincinnati presentation did not go as I had planned, with most of my ideas getting shut down. I get home to find Randy very sick. My sister was taking care of him, but there was nothing she could have done. The vet said there was only a matter of days left before I had to make that decision nobody wants to make. So there it was the end of our great run. Randy had gotten me through a lot of hard times – girlfriends leaving, friends flake out – but a loving dog never leaves your side.

I took off Thursday when Randy passed on; I guess it was my day to reflect. It’s hard to lose a part of your family. So the next day you do what everyone else does…get up and go to work, living your life like you’re “supposed” to do. As usual, I got off the train and took that 10-minute walk.

That 10-minute stroll was one of the saddest walks of my life. Then I arrived at my cubicle and saw get well cards from everyone at work. Never could a piece of paper have meant more to me. To know that everyone around me cared enough to think about the loss of Randy made it all the more special. There’s something about people caring that just brings hope to you. So yes, a card can turn your frown upside down.

Corporate Get Well Cards are Good Medicine

I just got a get well card from my bank, and I can’t tell you what a pleasant surprise it was to receive. Since I’ve been with the same branch for a few years, I’ve gotten to know several of the tellers and the manager and they always have a nice, warm welcome when I come in. It makes it pleasant to do business there.

It turns out that one of the tellers has a son in the same lacrosse league as my son. Last month their two teams played each other and when she heard my son’s name mentioned she came looking for me. Unfortunately, I was missing a really exciting game. My husband explained that I was home with the flu and everyone was trying to avoid me so they didn’t get it too. I hadn’t had the flu in years and I can’t believe how long that miserable feeling lasts!

Well, a few days later, when my husband brought in the mail; there was a piece addressed to me. It was a beautiful get well card from the bank that the manager and all the tellers had signed. I was feeling slightly better by then, but the card was like a shot of medicine and really picked me up. How thoughtful of them to think of me and send a card.

When I returned to work, I mentioned the bank’s get well card to my boss and he decided to order some company get well cards to keep on hand for our employees and clients. I told him I’d be happy to be the one to send them out because I now know how pleasant it can be to get one when you’re feeling less than perfect.

How Get Well Cards Helped Grandma Find a New Purpose in Life

This is a tale of one woman’s date with destiny and how simple greeting cards, a get well card, actually changed her whole outlook on life.

It all began on a late summer day three years ago. I received the dreaded call that my 84-year-old mother had fallen and broken her hip. We had no choice but to sell her home and move her into an assisted living facility since she could no longer manage on her own. My kids thought I was the devil incarnate for sending Grandma to “that awful place.” And truth be told, Grandma wasn’t a happy camper during those first few weeks. But then everything changed!

My cousin Carly, bless her soul, decided to pay Grandma a visit. She was bombarded with a litany of complaints ranging from the bland food to the poor housekeeping. Carly tried to comfort Grandma by telling her that things would get better, that everything in life has a purpose and she would soon realize that she was sent to the assisted living facility for a good reason. Grandma didn’t believe any of it and thought that Carly was just trying to cheer her up. But one day she saw the truth in her niece’s words.

As it happened, Joan, one of Grandma’s fellow residents, came down with a nasty cold. She had to take her meals in her room until she felt better. Grandma missed her terribly since they shared the same dining table. So Grandma decided to slip a get well card under Joan’s door. Well, by the time Grandma got back to her room, her phone was ringing. It was Joan thanking Grandma for the beautiful and thoughtful get well card. Grandma later told me, “You would have thought I gave her a million dollars!”

And the rest, as they say, is history. From that day forward, Grandma felt that her reason for being there was to spread some cheer and to make her neighbors feel the joy of knowing that someone was thinking about them and wishing them well. She found that the best way to do this was to send beautiful greeting cards. Not only does she send a get well card to those who fall ill, but she gives out birthday cards and other types of greeting cards too. I guess Grandma will always complain about the bland food (“I’d like to introduce the cook to a spice rack!” she’s been known to say). But three years later, Grandma is a much happier camper and still sending those greeting cards to every one of her neighbors who can use a little bit of sunshine in their day!