Business Thank You Cards: Even More Important When the Economy Is Tough

On the surface, corporate thank you cards may appear to be a line item you can cut from your budget when the economy dips and you need to toughen things out. After all, if someone doesn’t get thank you cards from you, how would they even know to “miss” the greeting cards? Well, try putting yourself in their place.

Let’s say that you’re a client. Your business is being competitively solicited all the time. You tend to take your current suppliers for granted. You’re also looking for ways to keep your budget lean and your profits robust. What does it take for you to remain loyal? I’ll bet that a small, personal gesture may be all it takes. Maybe thank you cards, with a brief personal note, will be just enough to maintain loyalty!

Let’s say that you’re a vendor. You have a healthy number of steady clients and you’re always looking to expand your client base. Of course, each of them wants to be treated as your top priority. If one of them exercises the habit of sending you corporate thank you cards, letting you know that they really appreciate your service, wouldn’t you tend to favor their needs when the chips are down?

Let’s say that you’re an employee. If you’re a valuable staff member, odds are that other employment overtures are made to you. What keeps you pouring your efforts into this company? Perhaps it’s as simple as knowing that your talents are truly appreciated. Wouldn’t you like to see and save that appreciation, in writing, on premium quality corporate thank you cards or maybe even employee birthday cards?

Let’s say that you’re a volunteer, one of a shrinking pool of dedicated individuals able and willing to serve without recompense. How do you choose where to donate your time and talents, and how diligent do you feel when it’s your turn to show up? Wouldn’t beautiful and sincere thank you cards help to bolster your enthusiasm?

Whether it’s done with greeting cards or in other ways, extending thanks – frequently, sincerely, and solidly – that’s the one item that must never be cut if you hope to truly succeed in any business, at any time.