What’s the Purpose of Card Assortments?

People ask me all the time why I buy card assortments all the time for my office and even for my personal use. The answer is simple. I never have to worry about cards…ever! I always have one on hand.

Let’s take my personal favorite the birthday card assortments. It offers 25 birthday cards with a very big variety of cards. Imagine for every birthday, you always have a beautiful birthday card on hand waiting to be chosen by you. All you need to do after making your selection is write your personal message, seal it in the envelope, drop it in the mailbox, and done!

With such a wide selection of card assortments, you can purchase cards for all your needs and any occasion. You’ll likely see great value in purchasing one of the all-occasion card assortments which hold various cards for all different occasion. I’m sure you’ll have quite a lot of fun selecting from those boxes. Next time, be sure to purchase one of those assortment boxes to see how much simpler they will make your life. You’ll be happy you did!

Assorted Greeting Cards: My In-Case-of-Emergency

So I went on a shopping spree the other day. As always, my intentions were to stop at the store to pick up the one thing I needed, which was a greeting card assortment box. But as any shopper knows, it is never that simple! Once you get to the store, you start looking around and seeing all these other products that you could use or that you might as well get while you’re there.

It occurred to me that I should pick up some snacks and bottles of soda for my Super Bowl party. And I also browsed the movie section and picked up a few DVDs. Now that football season is over, I’m not going to know what to do with my time on Sundays! Along with all of this other stuff that I bought without really needing, I got my box of assorted greeting cards, which I sometimes refer to as my emergency kit. Once I picked up what I was really there for, I was all set.

I like to purchase boxes of assorted greeting cards because when I look for a single card, I end up spending too much time reading through every card (as well as spending too much money). It’s also easier to have an assortment on hand instead of running to the store when I realize someone’s birthday is right around the corner. I love giving personalized greeting cards, even when I don’t know the recipient all that well. The box of assorted greeting cards that I found was perfect because it included birthday cards, sympathy cards, thank you cards, anniversary cards, and get well cards…all the cards I could possibly need in the case of an emergency (or a senior moment).