office birthday cards

  Employees are people just like you and me, if you own or run a business then it’s your job to know that.  They have good days and bad days and as an employer you affect that every day they come into work.  That’s why when an employee’s birthday comes around it’s important to know […]


It’s Monday morning. You come back to your desk to find a manila envelope with office birthday cards inside. It’s for Bob in Accounting. You really don’t know Bob in Accounting. You stare vacantly down at the spots left on the card and your mind blanks. This is the third card to sign this month […]


The morning routine is definitely a little different today. My morning commute normally doesn’t involve making a pit stop to get a dozen bagels and delicious donuts. It’s a special day indeed. A unique tradition has been implemented at the office for these types of days. If it’s your birthday, guess what? You get to […]