The Positive Impact of Sending Birthday Cards to Employees


Employees are people just like you and me, if you own or run a business then it’s your job to know that.  They have good days and bad days and as an employer you affect that every day they come into work.  That’s why when an employee’s birthday comes around it’s important to know that you can make a huge impact with something as small as a birthday card.  This lets them know they’re not regarded as just a cog in a wheel but someone appreciated and valued at their workplace.  Something like our Cupcake Dots Birthday Card would brighten up anyone’s day with the colorful cupcake but maybe even more important, the actual message on it.  Happy Birthday from all of us, simple, but it lets that employee know, you as a company not just as an entity but an organization of all the different people who make it up value and remember them.  Employees would as a result of receiving this card feel more welcome and comfortable in their workplace causing them to work at optimal levels because they know, you as the employer do care.  Birthday cards have a huge positive impact on your employees that make the cost virtually nonexistent and the rewards endless.  Employers get to wishing those happy birthdays and sending out those cards to see just how much more optimistic your employees will be!

What To Write In Office Birthday Cards – Humor Edition

It’s Monday morning. You come back to your desk to find a manila envelope with office birthday cards inside. It’s for Bob in Accounting. You really don’t know Bob in Accounting. You stare vacantly down at the spots left on the card and your mind blanks. This is the third card to sign this month and you are running out of things to say. How can you keep yourself entertained as well as leave co-workers with a chuckle? Instead of the same monotonous scribbling, I came up with a few wittier comments to jot down that may get a little more attention. As an alternative to Happy Birthday Bob, give one of these a try…

For general birthday cards write “I’m sorry for your loss” or “my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time”. I have yet to build up the guts to write happy birthday in a sympathy card. How about “See a penny, pick it up, all day long, you’ll have a penny”. Or my favorite, simply cross out someone’s name who has already written something and put yours underneath. They can still read the message and see who it’s from but it saves time and may be interpreted as humorous. For someone who is retiring write “Quitter”! For just about any occasion you could jot down “Have a great summer”. Maybe randomly sign “It was a pleasure working with you on that weird pointless project”. The creative options are endless. This time leave Bob with a giggle or a puzzled look rather than another boring Happy Birthday.

Business Birthday Cards – A Unique Office Experience

The morning routine is definitely a little different today. My morning commute normally doesn’t involve making a pit stop to get a dozen bagels and delicious donuts. It’s a special day indeed. A unique tradition has been implemented at the office for these types of days. If it’s your birthday, guess what? You get to go out and get everyone gifts or in this case, breakfast bare necessities. Things are a little backwards at my office, but it’s great to see others enjoying my birthday festivities. My co-workers do give me something that I think is even better than gifts or junk food – a business birthday card signed by my entire department expressing their well wishes for me on my day of being born. Business birthday cards are the perfect way for an employee to feel cared about. These cards are given by the company to their employees and are well received by everyone.

Once the storm of co-workers has finished devouring each and every piece of the breakfast presents, the day continues to move along. Then, in the afternoon, right after lunch, there it was in all of its glory (insert exaggeration here). It was the office birthday card. Seeing all of my co-workers say a little something with their signatures meant a lot. It made me feel a part of the group, a part of the office tradition, and definitely feel special. Office birthday cards are the ultimate display of appreciation. The gesture itself is more than gratifying in my perspective. As people get older, you tend to forget the value of your birthday and often do not even want it to come; another year older doesn’t sound too appealing in the eyes of many. Then you remember, “Wait, I have a job to go to and have to be reminded that it’s my birthday by other people.” The bitterness then goes away when you see that birthday card at your desk. The day instantly gets a little brighter. When you know you can share your birthday with such great people, you do not regret your birthday from happening, you embrace it.