Office Birthday Party Supply Recommendations

Happy Birthday! I have been selected to lead the Employee Birthday festivities at my company. This is so my thing. I was so excited until I realized all it entails. The first celebration came and I was so unorganized. I spent way too much money from our budget and knew that I could not do this for every person or our fund would be empty halfway through the year.

I wanted to make each birthday personalized and special for each employee without breaking the bank. What I decided to was to select only one or two packages of plates, napkins and cups in a theme that represented the employee. Then I bought in bulk a variety of solid color plates, napkins, cups and flatware. I bought enough to be used for about 4 different birthdays and just stored them away.

I also went to the local dollar store and bought some large plastic serving platters. I just keep reusing them time after time. I also picked up a couple of birthday party banners and other reusable cubicle decorations. To add a special personalized touch, I get a couple of balloons in the party theme.

Fun Ways to Celebrate an Office Birthday

Your coworker just turned 21 at work again for the fifth year straight. What a coincidence because you also happen to be 21 this year again as well! Here are some fun ways to celebrate an office birthday for an office that never seems to age past 21.


1. Ice-Cream Cake
Chip in for an ice-cream cake. Everyone loves ice-cream. Everyone loves cake. This is a guaranteed win-win celebration. Make sure to keep the ice-cream fridge in the office freezer though if you pick it up in the morning. It would be pretty terrible to have melted ice-cream cake all over everyone else’s lunch in the fridge by noon.

2. Party Hats
No one ever looks good in a party hat except maybe Beyoncé, which is kind of the point. Get the birthday man/woman the silliest party hat that one’s office budget can provide for maximum amusement. Everyone else in the office (aka: office peasants) receives slightly poorer quality hats. Or better. Remember, the point is no one ever looks good in a party hat. Got it.

3. Office Balloons
Balloons are the epitome of Fun. Have you ever heard someone say, “Man, I hate balloons?” Me either.

4. Birthday Cards
Get everyone in the office or department to sign a birthday card with different colored metallic pens.

5. Sing Happy Birthday
Don’t be too shy to sing that office birthday coworker a very loud and embellished rendition of “Happy Birthday.” No one ever hates someone who sings them “Happy Birthday.” Probably.

How To Celebrate Your Birthday At The Office In Style

So it’s your birthday, huh? I know what you’re thinking… man, I look good for my age. Everyone thinks that. Even the ones that don’t. So put an end to that thought right away!


You want to celebrate your birthday at your place of work. I don’t blame you. Then again, Mr. Mingle doesn’t blame anyone. Who has time to waste on blaming when you could be out there mingling? Good Question, Mr. Mingle. Thanks, Mr. Mingle! (Mr. Mingle winks at his clone)


Here is what I will do for you since I have nominated myself to be your life guide and trusty companion. Think of me as your life’s Swiss army knife. Except I am not Swiss, so technically I am your British army knife. Some people call me BAK for short. I have removed those people from my life.

Without further ado, below are my top 5 ways to celebrate a birthday in style.

  1. Throw a get together in a common area that everyone has access to in your workplace and invite everyone. Yes… even Dave from accounting. I know everyone hates Dave from accounting but invite him anyway.
  2. Learn everyone’s names beforehand so you can thank them personally. But Mr. Mingle, how can I possibly learn everyone’s names? Simple, learn the easy ones and just call the rest of the people that show up pal and comrade.
  3. Play a couple of birthday games to build team chemistry. This is a great way to separate the strong from the weak so you know who to work with on that next big work project.
  4. Make sure you give your manager the largest piece of the cake. I know you love cake but so does your manager. Plus, who is more important, you or the person in charge of you? Exactly!
  5. Make sure you are the last one to leave the party. I know, I know, Dave from accounting is always the last one to leave a room. Well tell Dave you need that pie chart in a different hue of blue. That should get him to evacuate the party premises.

So there you have it. My 5 tips to celebrate your birthday at the office in style. Remember, Mr. Mingle is here for ya no matter what you need. Mingle is the name and Mingling is the game.


Fun Ideas For an Office Birthday Party

I guess I’m from the old school because I can’t imagine going to a party of any kind without bringing something. It might be a little more difficult without all the comforts of home, but with a little thought and planning, anything is possible.


The first thing I’d bring would be birthday cards. That way after all the festivities were over the guest of honor would be able to find a quiet place and sit back to read all the well wishes from friends. Then I would get a head count since regardless of where a party is held, the last thing you’d want to do is run out of food or drinks. Then I would have to turn to the menu. I think I’d want to stick with something that could be enjoyed at room temp. You certainly don’t want to find yourself standing in front of the only or tiniest microwave you’ve ever seen trying to heat up lasagna one piece at a time because the only pan you had was made of metal. Depending on the time of year a nice salad in the warmer months is sure the please. If you are absolutely at a loss, do some checking ahead of time and find a local caterer.

Then there are drinks. That’s a tough one since you may not be able to serve anything even remotely spiked in some offices. And don’t forget dessert. Probably the easiest decision for any office party. Everybody loves dessert.

You should probably ask ahead of time about gifts. If it isn’t someone you know extremely well finding a gift that’s not too personal but still looks like you spent some time thinking about it is best. I’ve always tried to look around the person’s desk or cubicle ahead of time to determine their likes or dislikes. If I see a ton of family pictures, I usually go with that theme. Maybe a frame or some sort of keepsake item they can always have with them that they can personalize themselves with a picture. If I can’t get a feeling from what I see, I might ask a few questions of others who may know the guest of honor best.

I have to say, though, when all is said and done, knowing that others took the time to celebrate a special day in your life is amazing. To have that happen at work is even more special when you realize how crazy the average work day is. And when it’s all over, those birthday cards will decorate your space and be a constant reminder of everyone who was there celebrating with you.

Happy Birthday…and many happy returns.

What to Bring to Your Office Birthday Party

If you work in an office that celebrates birthdays, you may find yourself wondering what to bring to the office birthday party if you have either just started working there or perhaps worked there so long you are looking for some fresh ideas. Look no further!

maxresdefault (1)


Not much of a cook? Your specialty could be finding some really great paper party goods. Themes are always fun so you might want to brainstorm some with co-workers before making the purchase. Be sure to get coordinating cups, napkins and paper plates as a bare minimum. But if you really want to make an impression, you can find some great printable party kits on Etsy that includes banners, toothpick flags, and much more.

If you are into making food, some great birthday party food includes bite size appetizers that easily pop in the mouth without making a mess. Remember, you are in an office environment where people frequently stand chatting and eating and don’t want to spend the remainder of their day wearing what they ate at the office birthday party.

If you want to bring food, look over the food list, if one exists, and check out what others are bringing. This is a good idea for two reason, so you don’t duplicate someone else’s dish and it can also help you come up with an idea to compliment the selection. For example, if someone is bringing in pie, why not pick up some gourmet flavored ice cream?

If you have a recipe that is a fan favorite, bring that if you know it is a proven crowd pleaser. It’s a nice and thoughtful touch to put a little hand made sign using a toothpick fork stating what the dish is and from who’s kitchen. If your dish contains nuts etc, it is also a great idea to add a little sign stating that for those with nut allergies. You will be viewed of as a considerate and observant co-worker.

Beverages is another way you can shine without having to ever light the oven. Don’t just bring an ordinary bottle of soda though. Why not whip up a great batch of homemade lemonade or ice tea complete with adding some slices of lemon and bringing in a plastic pitcher to serve it once there.

You don’t have to spend a lot to make an impression at your office birthday party. You just have to give it a little thought!