How to Make New Employees Feel Welcome

We’ve all gone through the horrible experience of being the new kid or new employee. It’s one of the most anxiety filled experiences of anyone’s life. We all know how it felt to be coming into a whole new working environment and not knowing anybody. Here are three simple ways to make a new employee feel welcome without scaring them away.

1. Introduce Yourself to Them
This is the most important step in making the new employee feel welcome. Walk up to them with a warm smile and just introduce yourself. It may seem like something frivolous but a new face with a warm smile can make anyone feel comfortable and safe. It’s a great way to make them feel welcome without creeping them out. A lot of people are really shy and would rather walk around in obscurity than introduce themselves to someone new. Take the initiative and say, “Hello, my name is…” Maybe all it takes is a hello from you to break them out of their shell.

2. Offer Advice on their New Position
This is a key component of the new job jitters. A new employee is stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to advice. We all want to show that we know what we’re doing but a little advice can’t hurt. Pull them to the side and offer key tidbits about their position to help them progress. Of course every new employee makes a few mistakes but help them learn from the mistake, figure out how to solve it and avoid making the mistake again. Being that helpful hand goes a long way and can give them the little bit of confidence they need to succeed.

3. Invite Them to Lunch
Everyone knows how it feel being the new kid walking into the cafeteria and not knowing where to sit. So just walk over and invite the new guy to sit and have lunch with you. What harm can it be to have conversation over some sandwiches and soup? No one wants to sit alone in a corner eating their lunch alone, so don’t let that happen. Encourage the new employee to talk to some new people and take the weight of anxiety off their shoulders.

Business Get Well Cards Help to Lighten the Mood Around the Office

Business get well cards are among the different types of corporate greeting cards that companies often send. While these cards are usually passed around within an office for a variety of serious ailments, another reason to send these types of greeting cards is to spread humor and cheer among co-workers.

For instance, one day I missed an afternoon of work due to a dental appointment. This appointment arose from an incident where, during a particularly vivid dream, I managed to chip a tooth on the corner of my nightstand. When I got to work the next day, I found a corporate get well card in my inbox, compliments of a bemused co-worker. I managed to return the favor when the same co-worker suffered a minor ankle-sprain as a result of the all-too-uncommon ping pong injury. And since our supervisor, a notorious foot-shuffler, suffers from an acute static-electricity problem during the winter months, one fellow employee managed to have fun passing out get well cards to her numerous shock victims.

As you can see, some of the more humorous uses of business get well cards can help keep the mood light while fostering positive feelings among the office staff.