How to Choose Your Christmas Card for a Small Business

You company is in the process of ordering this year’s Christmas cards. But there are so many options! If you are feeling overwhelmed, here is some advice on how to choose your small business’s Christmas cards.

If you already know that you would like to send out Christmas cards for your company—as opposed to “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” cards— that is already a huge decision made. But now what? There are still so many options! The next thing to consider is which kind of Christmas card you’d like to send. A religious card? A traditional red and green? Silly? Industry-related? Foil and embossed? A winter scene? Ornaments? A photo-mount of your employees or your store front? Once you narrow that down, the other choices should be easier.

Next, you’ll want to think about which color ink or foil to use for the inside of your company Christmas cards. Examine the design you’ve chosen and pick the most complimentary hue. Also, you might want to consider the text you’ll have featured inside. Will you include your logo? Then maybe company colors will look sharp. Are you adding signatures? Which color will you sign in or are you having your signatures printed inside? All these small decisions come together to form your perfect card. There is no right or wrong—just whatever you like! So have fun and dazzle your recipients with your company’s own style!