Why You Should Send Thank You Cards After a Job Interview

With the job market the way it is, finding a job you love can be a challenging venture.  Once you get that key interview, I can guarantee you that there are many more applicants also interviewing for the position.  Sending a follow up Thank You Card after a job interview can be a special thing that sets you apart from all the others.  So many great candidates are out there vying for that one awesome job.  Standing out above the others is the one aspect you need to make a mark.


A thank you card after a job interview keeps you fresh in the mind of the interviewer.  A person can make a major impact by presenting themselves as well versed during the interview but so can many other people.  Most applicants will have on that classic business suit, their hair and makeup groomed to perfection and the firm handshake necessary to win the job of their dreams.  But how can you make yourself be remembered if everyone else is also putting their best foot forward?

When the person in charge of hiring is finally alone after the interviewing process and in a state of total confusion by all the wonderful prospects, wouldn’t it be great for him to find a thank you card from you on his desk?  It will show him that this wasn’t just any old interview, but a job you care about and are willing to go the extra mile for.  Sending a Thank You Card after an interview will make you remembered by human resources!

18 thoughts on “Why You Should Send Thank You Cards After a Job Interview”

  1. I always sent a Thank You card after I went on an interview. A handwritten note of thanks is a great way to put yourself above the other applicants and show your interest in the position.

  2. I think not sending a thank you note after an interview will likely render you forgettable, so why risk it? I always send a thank you note after every interview, and usually opt for a hand-written note after my initial interview. If I am called back for subsequent interviews, I always ask for each person’s business card or obtain the correct spelling of their name and title. Depending on the formality of the 2nd or 3rd interview, I follow up with a typewritten letter which I send via snail mail to each interviewer. I outline why I am the perfect fit for the job and reiterate what I bring to the table. I also try to use language that was used during the interview process in the content of my thank you note. It is imperative to get this letter out within the same day or the day after the interview. You don’t want to let the good impression you left go cold!

  3. I found this blog very thought provoking. I was job hunting two years ago and this idea never occurred to me. I hope if I find myself in that position again that I’ll take Karla’s suggestion. It can’t hurt!

  4. What a great idea! I’ll be job hunting after graduation in a few months and I think I’ll give this idea a shot. Maybe my name will stand out a little bit from all the other applicants.

  5. I’m glad to see this online. I suggested this to my son and he just rolled his eyes, like Mom you are so not with it. Thanks for giving me the back up to say I told you so.

  6. A thank you card is an excellent idea. It will show you took the initiative of an extra step and if you’re conscientious enough to do that then you may go the extra mile or step when performing your job as well. It is a very personable and professional thing to do.

  7. Proper etiquette is sure to set you apart. Sadly it is a rare quality these days. I recommend keeping it up after you’re hired. I have the (few) thank you cards that I’ve received from business contacts displayed at my desk. It keeps them at the forefront.

  8. I’m not sure about this. Will somebody loaded down with interviews and resumes take the time to look at and appreciate the Thank you card? I hope so because I’m going to try this at my next interview, just in case. Has anyone out there tried this tactic? Advice, please.

  9. That’s something I never thought to do. Usually I end an interview with a smile and a hearty handshake, and “Thank you for your time. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.”
    Hopefully, adding the thank you card will give me an edge next time.

  10. One of my friends just got hired for a new job. I’m pretty sure he sent a thank you card to the hiring rep…maybe that gave him an edge! Definitely couldn’t hurt.

  11. Every article I have read, every seminar I have attended, and every headhunter or recruiter I have ever worked with always advised me that sending a thank you note is a MUST. It is a “given” when interviewing for a job. Just think – if the next equally qualified person sent a thank you note and you didn’t, who do you think will get the job?

  12. Deborah K. – I have advised my son also. Fortunately he listens and has had great results. He just landed an excellent paid summer internship at a luxury resort hotel (he is studying Hotel and Lodging Management). He DID send a thank you note to the director of the internship program whom he met at a career fair at his university. Very proud mama here!

  13. Standing out above the others is a good aspect that will make a mark when you send a Thank you card to your potentially new employer.

  14. sending out a thank you card can definitely help you to be remembered! the employer took the time out of their day to meet with and interview, so why not take a few minutes to write out a thank you to them?

  15. Really good tips. Anything that gives you an extra edge is worth trying. The job market is rough out there.

  16. Thank you, Jayde G. I’ve been looking for a job for months, going to very unsatisfying interviews.
    I never hear back yes or no, and I know I am definitely qualified. I’ve never asked for a business card from the interviewer and I’m thinking maybe I’m not giving them enough respect when the interview is over. Next one I’m going to ask for the business card AND leave a Thank You card as I leave.

  17. I actually never thought about sending a card but I have sent a personalized letter after any interview I had. I am thinking that maybe a thank you card might actually stand out more and these days, anything to stand out a little more can’t hurt. Thanks for suggestion!

  18. I never thought to send a thank you card after a job interview. at first when I read the blog title, I thought it was strange for someone to do, but after reading it I think sending a thank you card would probably benefit you. Good advice

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