Celebrating Thanksgiving In The Office

LOCATION,LOCATION,LOCATION … Pick a location near work or near to employees homes, you can always do a party on any budget.  Ask employees they might just want to cater in and have a nice party in the office.  Music is always important for a great party, send around a paper and ask employees to put down 2 songs that are there favorites.  This might help if you are not sure to have a band or get a DJ.  Find out from employees if they would want a sit down dinner or a buffet.  Maybe even just finger foods and desserts.  A great corporate party is the memories and the fun between fellow employees, but a personalized cocktail or an appetizer named after one of the company products is always a nice thing to remember.  Little gifts on the table, a gorgeous centerpiece, a pretty location, it is always nice to have a night to remember with your coworkers.  Of course cash is usually an issue with many people so you would not want to go overboard on a fancy restaurant that some people might not be able to afford the clothes to go to the event.  A Holiday bonus is always a nice gift to receive, but again some companies also do not have the extra money either – there are plenty of gorgeous and affordable gifts out there.

21 thoughts on “Celebrating Thanksgiving In The Office”

  1. I agree that anyone can do a party on any budget. Most folks at my office are amazing at cooking and/or baking so there is always something great to eat at our holiday gatherings and it doesn’t break the bank.

  2. Love the idea of having a Thanksgiving Celebration at work. I think its a great way to remind everyone that we have so much to be thankful for in our professional lives as well as our personal ones.

  3. If money is an issue maybe the Thanksgiving get together should be combined with the Christmas party-

  4. Great Idea! Everyone has Christmas office celebrations but Thanksgiving gets forgotten. Its a nice way to celebrate the holiday and enjoy some good food at work.

  5. We always have everyone’s leftovers around the office the next day – as if we hadn’t eaten enugh the evening before. BUT it all gets eaten!!

  6. Nothing lifts the spirits of employees better than sharing a special moment with each other in the presence of delicious food!

  7. I like a holiday celebration at the end of the year. Its great to reflect and relax at year end.

  8. We did Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving because we had to come in that Friday. Everyone brought in leftovers and we had a second feast.

  9. We don’t do anything for Thanksgiving because we are all so stuffed from our own parties, but we do have a huge Halloween celebration and a party for Christmas. I just appreciate having my two days off to recover from the food coma!

  10. I work in an office where food is always on a table or counter somewhere. It feels like Thanksgiving every week the way we eat!

  11. Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday. Love the idea of doing it at work to extend my favorite day haha

  12. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because virtually everyone celebrates it and it is not a religious holiday. All the more reason to celebrate Thanksgiving with your work family!

  13. We actually make an effort to celebrate every holiday and birthday we can. Even if it is just a cake or something small, it still adds office morale and makes people happy – with such a simple gesture.

  14. I think no matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving in the office, with a catered party or with leftovers from home, you should consider having a cash & coat collection for the homeless or for any needy families in your area.

  15. We have a great supermarket that caters and delivers. We have to work the day after Thanksgiving and they are happy to give us a discount on their leftover turkey & trimmings. A few of us live too far away to visit our families so it’s nice to have a belated holiday meal with our friends from work.

  16. Thanksgiving is supposed to be about giving thanks. I personally fell thankful for the people I work with. A small celebration is great. Doesn’t have to be turkey.

  17. My company is very generous: each employee can choose–for free–either a pumpkin or apple pie to take home, the day before Thanksgiving. They don’t have to do this, but they do!

  18. We ended up doing a food drive rather than a big feast this year. We eat so much in the office even for non-holidays that we chose to take a break with this one!

  19. Why would someone be worried about the clothes and not the cost of the fancy food?! Yesh. I think if the company is hosting the party, they should pay for it.

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