How To Get Along With New Co-Workers



We’ve all experienced those “first day” jitters when starting a new job. You’re the newbie and you want to start off on the right foot; so what to do and not to do:

Don’t :

  • Stare at your new coworkers trying to determine ages and who’s single or married!
  • Take the last cup of coffee without making a fresh pot!
  • Take the last custard donut…actually don’t take ANY unless they were offered to you!
  • Ask the girl with the gorgeous red hair what brand of dye she uses!?
  • Congratulate your slightly overweight neighbor on her forthcoming child!

Okay we could go on and on with the Don’ts but if you seriously want to get along with your new coworkers, just follow a few simple rules.

  • Be sure to listen and learn and ask questions when you don’t understand.
  • Be Honest and Productive
  • Offer to help out others when your own tasks are completed.
  • Be kind.
  • Be punctual as well as considerate of other’s time.

In essence, if you follow basic good work ethics, act like a human being, and bake some dynamite chocolate chip cookies; you won’t have any problem getting along with new co-workers!

26 thoughts on “How To Get Along With New Co-Workers”

  1. And don’t forget to smile and make lots of eye contact. Both go a long way towards a good relationship.

  2. It is very hard to be the “new” one. I always felt like I was technically still “new” until another employee was hired after me. In the meantime, the Do’s in this article offer some very good advice to follow. I agree that the list of Don’ts is always much longer!

  3. Good tips for new job jitters, the best tip of all which should be used everyday in the workforce is “SMILE” & eye contact when greeting your fellow co-workers, it won’t cost you a cent to smile, it’s FREE!.

  4. Wow I hope people don’t actually do those things on the don’t list! But actually, I know people like that so I guess this article is necessary lol

  5. Hmmmm yeah maybe avoid staring down and sizing up all your coworkers. That could make you look real creepy!

  6. Uhhhh yeah starting at your coworkers would really give the wrong impression, unless you want them to think you are a total creep! Don’t be a weirdo! haha

  7. Being the new kid on the block is the worst… I always made an effort to smile and say hello to everyone when I started my current job.

  8. Loved this, and I need the advice. It was nice to have a laugh, but the Do’s were really thoughtful. It never hurts to be reminded of the basics!

  9. Being the new kid is rough (even when you are an adult and not a kid). I had one job where no one spoke to me my first day. They all sat with headphones on and it was very uncomfortable even approaching people with questions when they never even told me their names! I think it is just as important for the longtime employees to also make a point of reaching out to the likely nervous and intimidated new employees.

  10. I’ll never forget the new girl who started working in my office. She was asking a lot of questions, trying to get to know the rest of us. Understandable. But then she started asking, “What did you pay for your house, how much did those shoes cost, are those earrings real gold ( real diamonds)?” , etc. That’s a no no as far as I’m concerned. My answer to most of her questions was, “That’s a little too personal, sorry.”

  11. Chocolate chip cookies – great idea! But I’d like to see a new co-worker bring in some brownies, like once a week for at least a month. She/he would be well liked, for sure.

  12. After I had to retire from my outdoor job I needed a part time job to help with expenses. I started to work at drug store and felt out of place right away. It seemed like all the other clerks were just kids. I made it my business to get help from them – with my new phone, with the computers and the cash register. And I made sure I didn’t make any “back in my day” comments and we got along just fine.

  13. I agree. A smile and eye contact is very basic but so important. I don’t say Hello more than once to the same person; that can get monotonous if you see them many times throughout the day. But a smile and a nod of the head is sufficient, especially in the elevator.

  14. Don’t gross out your fellow workers-practice good hygiene with respect to bathing and brushing your teeth. I hate to say it but some people don’t. And please don’t smother us with too much cologne and perfume. Some of us have allergies.

  15. I’m new in an office of five where the person I’m replacing was beloved for 20 years. She retired and the rest of the staff miss her. We’re all about the same age so I’m confident I will fit in if I am patient and give them a chance to get to know me. Plus we all have pictures of our grandkids on our desks so that should help.

  16. If I had to wear that shirt at work, even with a friend, I’d go crazy! Hope my office doesn’t start implementing that hahaha

  17. I’m new at a medical office and it’s always uncomfortable as the new comer. The three other girls here know each other well, so they usually stick to themselves. I do my best not to let it get to me because I know eventually everyone will get to know each other and break the ice. I personally feel it is vital thing to make sure everyone gets along in such a setting.

  18. Gosh that shirt hahaha – let’s hope that doesn’t become a thing in the workplace! Could you imagine the chaos that would ensue?

  19. There was this new woman in the office I used to work at who came in like she owned the place. She started making enemies from week one with her demands and judgement of people. It is best to enter the scene a bit more mild than that! Get to know the place, be friendly with your coworkers – before you start barking orders and trying to change everything!

  20. The viking horns really add to the shirt lol! But really, just come into the workplace with a smile and treat everyone with respect. It is easy!

  21. It is crazy to me when people come in new to an office and don’t start out being kind. You only have one chance to make a first impression and why would you want to make enemies from day one??

  22. Definitely be sure to arrive on time on your first day! That would be a really bad look if you show up late before people even get to know you.

  23. First impressions are everything! Make a good, open reputation for yourself right away!

  24. Hmm the eye-rolling the one girl in the shirt is doing makes me not want to get along with her. Be aware of your facial expressions!

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