10th Annual Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Contest – Round 7 Winners Announced!

We are pleased to announce there were 11 winners this round instead of the usual 10. The 10th and 11th place entries were tied with the same number of votes, so both will be moving on!

Join us in congratulating all of our Seventh Round Winners!

25 thoughts on “10th Annual Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Contest – Round 7 Winners Announced!”

  1. Wonderful winners in this round! My favorites are:
    #2559 – the leaf (will make a wonderful Thanksgiving card)
    # 2428 – the log cabin in the snow (love the warm colors!)
    #2351 – soldier (how can you not love this – the emotion is truly felt!)
    #2342 – dog in the snow (love the pink scarf!)
    Good luck to all the talented artists!

  2. I see some really interesting designs submitted, the soldier hug is very emotional, and there’s a snowman with a body of twinkling stars that I love. Congrats to all! It will be hard to select a grand winner when they’re all very good.

  3. You know that one of the leaf could be a really beautiful card for Fall holidays or even just a general card for thanks yous, etc. I think that is my favorite from all the rounds.

  4. My favorites are the bridge and the church & lamppost. I know Christmas doesn’t mean snow all over the country, but winter scenes really put me in the holiday mood. Congratulations to all the finalists.

  5. I hope all the finalists are encouraged to pursue their interest in art, either for a career or just for the pleasure of creating something. Art is a great hobby.

  6. I really like the snow covered bridge! Entry number 2480. I would purchase that card for my Christmas card next year if it wins!

  7. My favorites designs were 2924, 2654 and 2559! I would purchase these designs if they were available. Love the submissions, some really dazzling work! Congrats to all.

  8. Wow! This is really nice! I really liked 2639. It looks really nice I would definitely buy it if It won. Good luck to all the other contestants!

  9. Congrats to all the finalists! And if you’re not a finalist now, don’t give up. Keep designing for the love of it. Most famous people had to try many times before they found success.

  10. Pretty cool to see the different mediums. I work on the computer so nice to see digital work included here.

  11. That blue card is beautiful. That bridge and the snow- they are perfect for a non-religious card. It could be for any winter holiday if you leave off the greeting on the front.

  12. It’s really wonderful that your company has this art contest. I hope all the students around the country submit something. Art teachers take note and encourage your kids to enter.

  13. The artwork featuring the church in winter is lovely. It looks like a lot of love went into that piece. It could be a great card.

  14. I like how the winners are always so different each year. Would love to see something digital or photography win this time!

  15. The wide variety of mediums is interesting to see. Paintings are my favorite and I think would make for a different look to a card.

  16. The soldier with the young girl is such a sweet card. Very topical. Tugs at the heart strings for sure.

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