Halloween Costume Etiquette In The Office


Halloween is coming up soon and with it all the fun of the costumes we’ve been working so hard on!  However most of us will still be working in the office on the day of as well as the few days before.  Some of our workplaces allow us to wear our costumes for Halloween however you may not be sure if you should.  This is completely normal as the costumes are made for Halloween and not for the office.  Depending on your workplace it may be better not to or to change your outfit to make it suited for work.

Dress code policies differ between companies obviously so the best and easiest way to practice Halloween costume etiquette in the office is to ask human resources or the responsible persons if your costume is okay.  This will save you trouble later on if it is indeed not fit for the office.  Some workplaces are stricter about dress codes than others however so you’ll have a pretty good idea beforehand if you can or cannot wear a certain costume you have in mind.  If you ask and it ends up being okay however this doesn’t mean anything goes. (Unless they specifically said so, which congratulations on your awesome job!)  A Halloween costume you will wear in work should reflect the company’s image and maintain somewhat of a professional standard.  You should obviously be able to work in it, so huge metal Ironman suits are probably not okay. (Sorry guy from Comic Con).  If your costume doesn’t impede your or the company’s workflow and doesn’t violate any policies or reflect badly on the company then you are good to go.  Happy Halloween, can’t wait to see all the cool costumes this year.

10 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Etiquette In The Office”

  1. I’ve seen some costumes in the office through the years that were obvious impediments to work flow and have been promptly taken off by the wearers, in the case of office dress-up quality>quantity! Good article:)

  2. I think if you’re in doubt about your costume it’s better to be modest. I’ve seen situations where a co-worker was sent home because their outfit was too revealing.

  3. A friend of mine dressed like Drake in the Hotline Bling video. It was so annoying having to hear that all day. Tip: don’t pick a costume that is going to bug people all day.

  4. Sticking with the dress code, even on Halloween is important! How can some people think rules are thrown out the window on certain holidays?

  5. I agree with David– think about your fellow employees too when picking your costume! And making sure you can work in it is a must….you’re at work to work after all. But those things aside, dress up! It’s so much more fun to celebrate a Holiday than to be a grouch (I’m looking at you, Frank)!

  6. This year I had plans on being Darth Vader. Still trying to figure out how I can fix my headset over my Vader mask.

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