Fun Activities to Celebrate Customer Service Week in the Office

  1. Raffles. Customer service week is fun when the whole company gets in on the fun. One idea is to place golden stars randomly around the whole office. Place them under people’s desks, in the lunch rooms, and even in the bathroom. Each gold star represents one raffle ticket towards great prizes. That whole week, stars will be continually placed around the office during different points of the day in order for everyone to collect some. On Friday or the last day of the workweek, the drawing is held.
  2. Educate. Customer service should not be treated lightly. For every day during customer service week, send out a company-wide e-mail with a tip on how to provide the best customer service possible. Another alternative to this idea is to provide a fun workshop individuals can attend to refresh them on the importance of customer service. Attract more signups by raffling off something at the workshop.
  3. Thank them. Show gratitude to your employees by saying thank you. One idea here is to round up the customer service team into a meeting. During the meeting, showcase messages from the company leaders and even some customers thanking the customer service representatives for their hard work and dedication to service. This is a nice pat on the back for all, especially after a busy but productive time on the phones.

19 thoughts on “Fun Activities to Celebrate Customer Service Week in the Office”

  1. It is never a wasted practice to show your employees that they are appreciated and supported. Even the smallest/simplest gesture to show your appreciation, can go a long way. I really like the idea of a raffle or even weekly/monthly challenges. It’s such a fun way to get everyone involved and puts a buzz of excitement in the air! Great ideas!

  2. It’s very important to treat customer service representatives with the same high standard you expect them to portray towards your customers. That continuity is essential in providing consistent customer service.

  3. Customer service week is a reminder of the importance of your loyal customers who keep the company afloat, but also so much more. So much more because the employees who practice great customer service are appreciated for their hard work. Making coming to and enjoying work that much easier, and the raffling is just a great plus.

  4. As a customer service representative, I always become more motivated once my supervisors thank me and tell me job well done. It just shows that my work is greatly appreciated. Also, I love the idea of finding the stars! That’s a unique way to engage employees with healthy competition.

  5. Raffles are such a great way to bring fun and excitement to the office! They’re fairly simple to organize and a raffle is something everyone in the office , regardless of tenure, can participate in together! I love the idea of sharing customers’ kind remarks/feedback. This is great to invoke feelings of ” a job well done” while also showing employees that they are appreciated and to keep up the good work!

  6. I once worked for a company where they did a workshop on how to appreciate the various motivations we all have and why variety is necessary for a good team. We learned a lot about each other and our potential customers. We even had a chance to laugh at our own idiosyncrasies. Best customer service week ever!

  7. I think all of the above ideas are great. Customer Service is rewarding, but it can be very stressful. Customer Service reps are the voice of the company to the customer and recognizing them is great for moral.

  8. I’m loving the idea of sending a weekly e-mail with customer service tips. That’s sure to keep everyone on track and give employees fresh ideas.

  9. Love customer service week! Makes employees feel appreciated and a free lunch, sport themes always seem to work in my experience.

  10. Great ideas for customer service week. To your potential customers a CSR can be their first impression to your company.

  11. Like a lot of people here, I didn’t even know this existed! I should really plan something for this year. It would be fun for my employees.

  12. The thank you suggestion, though seemingly obvious, isn’t always something remembered. That is the most important!

  13. I really like the idea of having a raffle. That is a fun way to incorporate everyone without even needing a ton of partcipation.

  14. My company does raffles everyday for customer service week. It is a lot of fun to start the day with winning gift cards, prizes, etc. It always ends up being a great week.

  15. I don’t like the star idea. It doesn’t encourage people to do their work or anything productive for the company! Not to mention the countless problems (sanitation issues, interference at desks, and people just buying a pack of their own gold stars to easily cheat the system). Workshops are a fabulous idea, and using raffles to encourage company turn-out is genius! I love Sydney’s idea about refreshing emails on Customer Service. It never hurts to learn.

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