Tips on Goal Setting in the Work Place

I think the first tip on setting goals in the work place actually works in any environment and it’s to make the goal realistic.  Nothing is more demoralizing than to see a goal as so unattainable you don’t even want to try and reach it.

Assess the situation carefully and set a goal that people have to work hard to achieve, but is still doable.  A good manager doesn’t set people up to fail.  I’ve worked in an environment where we had a daily shipping goal and you could hear the cheers at the end of each day when that goal was met.  And since it was a team effort, everyone worked to make it happen and everyone could take pride in the success.

When setting a goal you want to be certain all parties involved in attaining the goal have all the tools they need to make success possible.  Also, be certain communication is clear and concise so there is no confusion as to what that goal should be.  When employees are involved and knowledgeable, they are more likely to give their best effort.

Lastly, reward employees when they reach the goal you’ve set.  It doesn’t have to be monumental, but acknowledging hard word and determination go a long way in building a satisfying work environment for everyone.

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  1. I think that when a manager encourages teamwork it benefits everyone, the most successful departments rely on every member working as a team

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