Fitness Tips for the Office

Keeping in shape is one of the hardest things to do. When you work in an office it gets a little harder since you have to sit all day. I have 3 tips to keep you in shape in the office without disrupting the workplace.

Take the Stairs:  This here is a sacrifice because I know we all love the ease of an elevator. But this is a fitness conversation. The trip up the stars in the morning will be your cardio and weight training. Your bag will act as a weight while you do inclined leg lunges up the stairs. The walk up the stairs will burn fat and slim your arms, thighs and legs. And the walk down the stairs will be your daily dose of cardio.


Healthy Well Portioned Lunch & Snacks: Now some people get a bit dismayed when they hear well portioned healthy meals. It’s easier than you think and tastier as well. You breakfast can be a banana with a muffin or bagel and cottage/cream cheese. Your lunch should consist of 1 cup of grain (i.e. rice, potatoes, quinoa), 1lb of protein (i.e. chicken, beef, pork, veal, fish), 2 cups of vegetables (i.e. spinach, broccoli, kale) and a glass of water/fruit juice. Your afternoon snack should consist of a muffin, water/fruit juice, and an apple.


Leg Lifts: This is an exercise that you can do at your desk without anyone even noticing. It’s also great for your calves and abdomen. As you sit at your desk every now and again just lift your legs up side by side and hold them straight for 10 seconds. Now do this 10 times and repeat this every hour after your lunch.


If you continue this routine every day for 3 months, I guarantee you will be satisfied with the results.

9 thoughts on “Fitness Tips for the Office”

  1. You have some great tips here! I would caution people to make sure they really understand portions, though. Eating a pound of protein at lunch puts you well over 1000 calories just for that meal – and that’s not even counting the cup of grains (200 calories for a cup of brown rice) or the veggies (those, you should definitely fill up on – low cal and nutritious!)!

    My Fitness Pal is a great app to track what you are eating. It’s a real eye-opener as to calories and nutrients in a given piece of food.

  2. I try to take the stairs as much as I can and take advantage of the office gym on my breaks.. Every little bit helps.

  3. Great ideas on the office exercises. I’m sure I agree with the food portions though. I would recommend 1/2 a banana instead of a whole one. They have a very high sugar content which is the main reason many of us struggle to control our weight. In general we should only consume small fruits. Also, our protein intake need only be 1/4 lb. per meal. Finally, carbs is another food group we must watch out for. I would suggest just 1/2 a bagel, not the whole thing. Let’s keep encouraging each other to change the way we eat until it becomes a lifestyle.

  4. I agree that what you eat really impacts how you feel throughout the day. If you eat a really heavy and greasy lunch, you’re going to feel really sluggish whereas eating a more nutritious meal makes you feel more energized and productive.

  5. It used to be that lifting the phone was the only excercise I got at work. Now that I have a headset, my body has really taken a hit. Thanks for these tips. I couldn’t have thought of them on my own.

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