Top 3 Bad Work Habits You Need To Overcome


We all want to do our best at work. But even the best intentions are sometimes met with bad habits. Here are 3 bad work habits you need to overcome today!

Being late for work or meetings
Unless your role at the company doesn’t require you to be at your desk and ready to face the day at a set time every day, start times are implemented for a reason. If you know that traffic can be unreasonable, allot yourself some extra commute time in the morning.

Being late for meetings is another bad work habit. If a meeting is set for an hour and you’re five minutes late, you’ve set the hour off and that can bleed into other commitments later in the day. Being on time is a sign that you respect other people’s time – and your own! It also goes a long way towards showing that you’re dependable.

Answering emails as they come in.

You may think that answering emails as soon as you see new ones in your inbox is a good idea. It’s not; in fact, it’s counterproductive. As email’s role in our work lives becomes more and more prominent, the number of messages you receive increases. If you spend all of your time checking your inbox, you’ll find little time for your other responsibilities!

Instead, schedule email processing time into your calendar. Spend some time with your inbox over your morning coffee when you arrive at the office, then schedule an afternoon session after lunch. If an email is informational and doesn’t need further action, move it to a reference folder or delete it. If an email can be responded to at that time, do so. If an email needs a bit more time to respond to, flag it for a future time.

Scheduling in your email time frees up the rest of the day for you to work on projects and tasks without an added distraction.

Not practicing proper hygiene

If you’re guilty of flossing your teeth or clipping your finger (or, please, no, toe) nails at your desk, stop this behavior immediately! Your boss and your coworkers will appreciate your well-groomed hands and your free-from-food mouth a lot more if you take care of that stuff in the privacy of your own home before you get to the office.

These top 3 work habits you need to overcome are just the tip of the iceberg. What other bad habits have you noticed in your office or overcome yourself?

11 thoughts on “Top 3 Bad Work Habits You Need To Overcome”

  1. I think one of the worst work habits to avoid is the overuse of perfume and after shave! Sometimes the elevator reeks of it. All of us who are allergic suffer. Please use scent sparingly; you can always apply a little later in the day if you think you need it.

  2. Please don’t stress on your way to work. It ruins the whole morning. Get to sleep earlier, wake up and leave the house earlier.

  3. It’s just good manners to show up on time for a meeting. Don’t make people wait for you. We all have other things to do that don’t include waiting for late-comers.

  4. Personal hygiene should be done in private always. No one should clip their nails in public! Even if you were to have a hangnail on your finger, it is best to take care of this in the bathroom!

  5. I’ve never really seen anyone floss or cut their nails at their desk but wow… relax? I personally could not care less…

  6. I don’t know why people think their desk is a place for personal grooming. Unless you have your own office you should really keep your nail clippers at home.

  7. Personally, being late throws a wrench in my day. As for personal hygiene, I agree….no one wants to see you flossing your teeth or hearing the clipping of nails. Who knows where they will land!

  8. I once had someone come apply for a job that clipped their toenails in our waiting room. Beyond gross!!!

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