Valentine’s Day in the Office: Why it’s an important holiday to appreciate



Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the office may not seem like a good idea to most people. Supposedly the day is for sweethearts which keeps most people from feeling it is a little too mushy for the office. The fact of the matter is that Valentine’s Day did not start out as a lover’s holiday, but rather as a feast day in many Christian religions. It is commonly held that in many European communities that Valentine’s Day is a celebration to the coming of spring. School children make decorations and exchange Valentine’s cards as a sign of friendship and esteem. In the US about 190 million cards are sent each year.

Valentine’s Day does not have to mean love, it can be simply a day to celebrate people we care about. Most of us spent 1/3 of our week at work. I say it is important to celebrate Valentine ’s Day in the office with some simple signs of caring to show the people we spend so much time with that we think they are special. Here are a few simple dos and don’ts for appreciating coworkers on Valentine ’s Day.

• Bring in a special treat, such as donuts or cookies. A little sweetness in will bring a smile to everyone’s face, with the added benefit of making the team just a little more productive.
• Wish your coworkers a happy Valentine’s Day with a smile or a card.

• Make suggestive remarks, that is never appropriate.
• Buy anyone an expensive gift, which may make them feel uncomfortable.
• Initiate any physical contact. Shaking hands or friendly hugs are okay but should be initiated by your coworker. Some people do not feel comfortable with physical contact and that should be their decision.
Valentine’s Day can be a great team builder in the office if it is done with an appropriate amount of decorations and lighthearted wishes. Keep in mind that celebrating in an office should always be achieved without making anyone uncomfortable but rather feel a sense of happiness to carry them through this special day.

20 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day in the Office: Why it’s an important holiday to appreciate”

  1. For the office, I think hanging a few pretty hearts and some Valentine’s Day decorations creates an appropriate amount of acknowledgement of this holiday. If people want to bring in some treats, that’s fine also. Wishing each other a Happy Valentine’s Day is a friendly thing to do. Much more that that is probably not appropriate for the office or between co-workers. <3

  2. Some people use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to be suggestive – number one on your don’t list. This is why I ignore the day. If others want to have fun with it, by all means enjoy the holiday, but I happen to prefer Thanksgiving! 😉

  3. Didn’t know that Valentines Day did not start out as a romantic holiday but as a feast day. Cool fact.

  4. Any holiday is a chance to decorate the old cubicle. My favorites are strings of lights with a theme. So bring on the red heart lights for Valentine’s Day. Plus chocolate, lots of chocolate!

  5. I’m sorry I didn’t read this sooner. I would have alerted everyone to a certain donut place that was selling heart-shaped donuts for Valentine’s Day. We had some on break – delicious. I still like the romantic angle even though the holiday didn’t start out for sweethearts.

  6. I’m old enough to remember it was always called St. Valentine’s Day. In school it was a dreadful day for some of us. Would we get at least one Valentine while the popular girls & boys got plenty? I remember one special teacher who made sure she left a Valentine for each of us to open. When I was teaching I did the same for all my students.

  7. Let me add another don’t. Don’t suggest going out for drinks after work. Could end up in drinking and driving.

  8. Valentine’s Day comes at the perfect time of year since Christmas and New Year’s are already a month and a half ago and the beginning of April when warmer weather begins is still a month and a half away. Other than that, it allows those who sell flowers, candy, and chocolates to increase their prices and make a bigger profit. Tsk! Tsk!

  9. That’s interesting, that Valentine’s Day started out as a feast day. We keep it that way here in my office with plenty of chocolate and donuts. One girl makes delicious brownies with chunks of chocolate in them – it’s a great holiday!

  10. I stay away from Valentine’s Day in AND out of the office, but especially in the office. Doesn’t strike me as a work appropriate holiday and I think it is best to keep my personal life separate anyway.

  11. Oddly enough those candy hearts are my favorite part of Valentine’s Day. I might be the only person who actually eats them haha

  12. You shouldn’t make suggestive remarks at work any day 😉 Some people don’t know that and Valentine’s Day is no excuse either!!

  13. I’ve never actually worked in an office that even took notice of Valentine’s Day. I guess I’m lucky??

  14. My boyfriend sent flowers to the office which was really nice. Aside from that, I don’t really need to celebrate the holiday at work.

  15. My receptionist puts a bowl of candy out, but that is about it. It is a nice little reminder of the holiday without being too much or too in your face for the folks who aren’t so into all that romance.

  16. My coworkers just kinda dress in shades of red and pink and that is about it. We don’t do a big party or anything. It isn’t quite an office holiday.

  17. Oh I love those little hearts!! It always puts a smile on my face to get a friendly card!

  18. The last office I worked at went all out for every single holiday. Decorations, food, parties! My new office doesn’t acknowledge even one. Kind of wish there was just a little bit!

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