Working Remotely – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

When the subject of working from the comforts of my home was suggested to me, I couldn’t be more excited.  I thought about rolling out of bed, pulling out my laptop and moving to my enclosed deck still in my pajamas with a cup of coffee in my hand.  I even thought I was going to be able to keep my favorite talk shows on in the background.  After about a week, I realized I was not productive and working remotely was not all that I expected.

Being as I am not one to fail, I changed my attitude.  I realized that the first step was to put on real clothes…maybe not the suit, but jeans and decent shirt.  This helped me get my mind in the business state of mind.  I also set up a work area designated just for use during work hours.  Besides that bottle of water that I always have at my desk, all eating and drinking is done during my break and lunch times in a different room.  Work was back on track but then came the loneliness.

I feel that it is normally much more efficient to communicate with email, but since working remotely, I have adjusted my thinking.  In most recent weeks, I have picked up the phone to have that human contact and it has made a huge difference on my mental state.  I have also organized a lunch meeting monthly or bimonthly depending on the situation.

There are plusses and minuses to working from home.  It is all what you make of it!

13 thoughts on “Working Remotely – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”

  1. You need to get up everyday and “get ready to go to work”, even if that means going to another room to work. Your mindset needs to be in “work mode”.

  2. I converted the spare bedroom into my new “office”. It gives me the quite space I need to concentrate and conduct zoom meetings without interruptions from the family. At the end of the day I can close the door and leave work behind.

  3. You have to get dressed like you are going to the office each day. It definitely keeps you in “work” mode.

  4. Working from home requires a certain degree of discipline, but if you can manage to master that, it can be wonderful! Not having a commute has its advantages. The only downside, IMO, is not seeing your co-workers and interacting in person with them.

  5. WFH is a game changer! I am so much happier and far more productive. The office setting was so exhausting and distracting. I never want to go back to it.

  6. No commute, no office gossip, no people loitering at your desk, no smells in the kitchen, no worry about travel in bad weather – there is nothing that would make me want to give up the benefits of working from home. My mental health has never been better and it shows through my work and productivity.

  7. Working from home during the pandemic has been so helpful. I am so grateful for this and in turn must do the best job I can to repay my company for taking such good care of us! We are all a team and a family that must work together to get through this hard time.

  8. Remote work has saved me endless money on food, coffee, gas, etc. My life has greatly improved.

  9. It is nice being home. I can take my laptop to different areas of my home for a change of scenery and sometimes even sit outdoors.

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