Let’s Talk Business Cards…

Is it important to have a Business Card? Surely, it can help identify us and our business to the party we are meeting or individual. This identifier can give the parties we are meeting an idea of our role in the business at stake. I find myself fascinated by all the details represented on a business card. It is uncanny to see the beauty behind such graphic art, text and color.

I particularly love the industry specific cards, these have the most impact. Business cards really make it hard to forget the contact. The business card should tell the recipient something about you and your business. Very common for dentists, lawyers, realtors and photographers to have industry specific cards. Not only is the face of the card important but the feel of it as well.

More and more you see expensive stocks and finishes being used on business cards. They identify the industry and give you the card holder an identity. The ability to give the business card a personal touch shows us where technology meets new trends. A great marriage between art, paper and personalization in a 3.5 x 2 business card. It is not a lot of real-estate. I am excited to see how technology will continue to affect the quality and function of the business card.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Business Cards…”

  1. YES! Business cards are needed! The card provides a better sense of what your business is about as compared to contact record in your phone.

  2. Gallery Collection has some of the nicest business cards I’ve seen. I created mine easily in their portal and it is just perfect! I am an accountant and they had great styles perfect for my small accounting business.

  3. Business cards are still necessary. I have a small personal training business, and I hand out business cards all the time and leave them around the different gyms that I work in. I include a picture of myself on the card, so that people can associate the card with me. I have received many new customers from my business cards. It’s up to me to keep them as customers of course!

  4. I haven’t had a business card at any of my jobs in the past 15 years. Cool to see them making a comeback.

  5. The ones I get from my doctor are so useful. The calendar on the back with my next appointment schedule goes right up on my refrigerator as added reminder.

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