Sending Anniversary Cards to Employees

Sending anniversary cards to your employees send a message to them that their time with your company means something to you.

When I celebrated my one year anniversary, my boss stopped by my desk and dropped off a beautiful card and actually sang a quick song. (I know a little corny, right?) The card was signed by her, my immediate supervisor, the owner of the company, the CEO and the COO. It was wonderful. I have to say, all of this attention from my boss and supervisor made me feel like my work was valued.

The greeting inside the card not only said, “Happy Anniversary” but it stated that they “Appreciated my contributions and they realize I am part of their success.” What a fantastic thing to hear from the people you work for.

This type of inspiration motivates me to give all I can to my company. Sometimes all it takes is a small gesture to give an employee the encouragement they need to do everything in their power to make the company a priority. Sending anniversary cards to your employees will instill loyalty and promote a positive work environment. Inspiration and motivation stimulate effective employees. Take a little time to show appreciation with employee anniversary cards and your business will create and maintain a high-quality workforce.

14 thoughts on “Sending Anniversary Cards to Employees”

  1. I really appreciate the recognition. When you work somewhere a long time it is nice that it is acknowledged.

  2. Being shown appreciation by your employer, and specifically by your boss or the owners of the company, especially on your anniversary, means so much to every employee. It’s the little things…

  3. It’s nice to get an anniversary card. I usually forget until someone gives me the card!

  4. I think giving an employee an Anniversary card is a lovely way of acknowledging their loyalty and dedication o your company

  5. To show appreciation, no matter how small, is a fantastic way to strengthen the relationship between an employer and employee. Especially if it’s a very fancy greeting card!

  6. I feel so appreciated every year when I receive an Anniversary card at work. Such a small gesture really touches me and reminds me that I matter at my workplace. It inspires me to keep working hard with my team.

  7. I don’t even my remember my employee anniversary from previous jobs cause they never cared! SAD!

  8. A small gesture really goes a long way! Makes your day brighter. GC has beautiful anniversary cards.

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