Feature Your Company Name on Your Holiday Cards

You’ve decided to distribute holiday cards this year because you could use the business. Are you worried the product won’t be worth the price-tag? Well wipe that concern from your mind if you’ve chosen to order from The Gallery Collection. Their premium quality cards will impress your recipients every time—and with so many designs options, you’ll never have to send the same card twice (unless you want to )! This post will shine a spotlight on how to feature your company name on your holiday cards.

It’s pretty unique that so many components of The Gallery Collection’s cards are editable. Feel free to browse the hundreds of holiday cards that allow you to have your company name right on the front: Feature Your Company Name Holiday Cards. With options like using an ink card with a customizable cover or a foil and embossed card with a peek-through window, you’re going to have a difficult time narrowing it down!

It’s a smart move to have your company name blazoned on the front of your holiday cards. This marketing move gives your company visibility while also showing gratitude. Chances are your customers or business partners will display your card where other potential clients will see. You could even add your logo or printed signatures inside your cards for that extra touch of professionalism.

Retirement Party Ideas For Coworkers

A retirement party is a way to celebrate your coworker’s past accomplishments and also to celebrate what the future will hold for them. Retirement is a big deal. It marks the start of another chapter in your coworker’s life.

Retirement evokes mixed emotions – you are happy for your coworker’s next chapter and then you are a bit sad at the thought of losing your daily time and interactions with this person.

So a memorable transition with the help of a retirement party celebration focusing on your coworker’s career will make their leaving a special event!
Here are some ideas for a retirement party – which could be anything that reflects your coworker’s wishes.

Plan a party

  • A luncheon – either in the office or out at a restaurant, with all their favorite foods and possibly a roast to them
  • After work drinks and appetizers
  • An event focused on their favorite hobby or people in their lives, like their spouses, children or grandchildren.


  • A memory jar – with a collection of all the very best memories of their time on the job
  • Bucket List jar – to place ideas for the retiree to do with their new found freedom
  • A retirement card – signed by everyone in the office
  • A retirement gift – It can be gifts related to travel, or their favorite hobbies or a personalized gift

Whatever you end up preparing your coworker will know how much you care and how much you will miss them. Be sure to keep in touch with them through Facebook or by providing coworkers with their contact information, as one the hardest aspects of retirement is saying good bye to your work family.

Thanksgiving Cards give you a Jump on the Competition

From about December 5 until about December 20, my company mail room is swamped with Christmas and Holiday greeting cards.  Don’t get me wrong.  As a company, we appreciate the feeling we get when we open those sincere wishes;  however, with so many cards arriving around the same time while we are trying to deal with our own nutty holiday world, most just get thrown in the pile and forgotten almost immediately.  I decided it was time for our company to get a jump on the competition and send Thanksgiving cards.  Gobble, Gobble.

Who doesn’t appreciate Turkey Day?  Now, my company’s card are the first to get there arriving the second week in November!  We will be remembered not only for being the first card of the season but for being original.  Since trend setting is my thing, this is a perfect way to make a niche.  Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks for all that we have.  Now we can express our thanks to our clients in a special card before their minds and lives are preoccupied with the Christmas craze.  There is a terrific selection of Thanksgiving Cards on the market with greetings wishing a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.  These cards encompass all Americans no matter their faith and beliefs.  Thanksgiving Cards are definitely way to get a jump on the competition.