Why Should I Use Die-Cut Christmas Cards?

Ordering holiday cards for your business seems like a fairly simple thing to do until it comes down to choosing a design. You need a holiday card design that stands for your business. Having your company name on the front of the card is a great way to showcase your company along with an eye-catching holiday design.

Die-cut Christmas cards are the perfect way to display your name on the front of the card without actually printing your name on the front of the card. Die-cut Christmas cards have an elegant window cut out of the front of the card so that you can print the business.

Pablo Neruda said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If that is the case, then die-cut Christmas cards are the windows to high quality business names and joyous holiday seasons. Everything looks nicer with windows. Picture your house. Now picture your house without any windows. It wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful.

By using a die-cut card design, your business name will be the steady foundation that unites the inside and cover design of your holiday cards. Clients, friends, and family alike will be awed by the warmth and professionalism of the holiday cards that they receive and forever associate that with your business.

What is a Die-Cut Holiday Card?

During the Holiday season, it is important to let the people you love and care about know that you are thinking of them. Whether it’s a family member or a good friend, or a reliable client or customer, be sure to show them how much you appreciate them.

This season, try something new when sending out holiday cards. Try choosing a die-cut holiday card! What is a die-cut card you ask? A die-cut card consists of an open cut-out window on the front of the card which allows for a personal message or a company name to be visible when the card is opened and closed. You can even go the extra mile and have your own personal signature printed to show through the window! Your recipients will know who that card is from while admiring the elegant design.

A die-cut holiday card will surely help your business or company stand out among the many other businesses who send out holiday cards to their customers. They catch your recipients’ eye and make the experience inter-active. The die-cut card is a fun yet professional way to change up the typical holidays cards that get sent out.

Feature Your Company Name on Your Holiday Cards

You’ve decided to distribute holiday cards this year because you could use the business. Are you worried the product won’t be worth the price-tag? Well wipe that concern from your mind if you’ve chosen to order from The Gallery Collection. Their premium quality cards will impress your recipients every time—and with so many designs options, you’ll never have to send the same card twice (unless you want to )! This post will shine a spotlight on how to feature your company name on your holiday cards.

It’s pretty unique that so many components of The Gallery Collection’s cards are editable. Feel free to browse the hundreds of holiday cards that allow you to have your company name right on the front: Feature Your Company Name Holiday Cards. With options like using an ink card with a customizable cover or a foil and embossed card with a peek-through window, you’re going to have a difficult time narrowing it down!

It’s a smart move to have your company name blazoned on the front of your holiday cards. This marketing move gives your company visibility while also showing gratitude. Chances are your customers or business partners will display your card where other potential clients will see. You could even add your logo or printed signatures inside your cards for that extra touch of professionalism.