Why You Should Buy Birthday Cards In Bulk

If you run a business, whether it is Nationwide or Global you probably have many, many customers. These customers can be located anywhere in the world. It is a great idea to send individual birthday cards to them which will remind them of you and your business.  A small gesture like this will make you stand out in the crowd.  Not many business associates remember this very special day for your customer. However, those who do reap the rewards, Loyalty! Customers who feel that you really truly care about THEM are the type of customers you want to do business with again and again for the long term.  

This is the why you should buy birthday cards in bulk and save yourself or the company a lot of money. At the local store a birthday card can cost upwards of $2.49 each for the bottom of the rack discounted plain cards.  However, The Gallery Collection can beat that price per card if you purchase in bulk, and the cards will arrive personalized with your name or company name printed inside. Keep in mind, the price continues to drop as the quantity increases, so be sure to order as many as you need. To purchase your high quality birthday cards,  please visit The Gallery Collection.  You will not find classiest cards at such an affordable price. 

35 thoughts on “Why You Should Buy Birthday Cards In Bulk”

  1. I always keep a few cards at my desk should I happen to forget a birthday. I missed one once and felt awful!

  2. I have an entire drawer filled with cards. Our office is huge and there are so many birthdays and events to celebrate. It is much easier than running out every time we need a card.

  3. It is especially useful to have a big stash of cards for an office. You are always prepared when someone’s birthday arrives – no need to keep running out to buy more.

  4. We buy assortment boxes from the Gallery Collection every few months. They are beyond useful for a big office like ours.

  5. We started to buy bulk birthday cards from the Gallery Collection after missing an employees birthday. Felt terrible and made sure to never be short of cards again.

  6. the gallery collection makes it easy. the assortment boxe are useful to keep around. they cover everyhting you could need a card for and look really nice.

  7. I have been buying from the gallery collection for atleast a decade. The cards are beautiful, rich and impressive. We have never once been unhappy with an order.

  8. I’ve ordered our anniversary and birthday cards here for years and am always impressed with the quality of the cards and variety of the designs. Always a great response and well worth the investment.

  9. I agree with this all! Gallery Collection cards are even better in person. We switched to Gallery Collection a few years ago and haven’t looked back.

  10. Loyalty and appreciation towards customers is lacking these days. Many businesses are so cold and all about the money. It is a welcome surprise when a company shows they care and something as simple as a card delivers that message.

  11. You will always have a need for birthday cards. It is much more cost effective to buy them in bulk than spend a fortune at a drugstore. I bought a car the other day not realizing it was $8.99!!!

  12. I always keep extra cards at my desk.. You never know when a birthday is going to sneak up on you.

  13. I’m a fan of buying anything you can in bulk. If it is something you regularly use it winds up saving a lot of money – even with cards!

  14. After wasting money buying individual cards for every birthday in our office, we finally ordered and assortment box from the Gallery Collection. I was spending $5-8 per card and they weren’t even the best quality. The assortment box saves me time and money and they look so much nicer.

  15. Like everyone has stated already, it is a real money-saver. It costs a ridiculous amount to buy one card at a time when stopping at the store. Even the discount section even winds up adding up!

  16. How can you go wrong with having extra cards on hand for unexpected occasions that pop up? And especially if they are the gorgeous cards from The Gallery Collection! If you were to go to the card store to buy an individual card that is even close to comparable in quality to these cards, you would pay almost twice as much as if you purchased the cards in bulk. And then there is the convenience of not having to run out to the store!

  17. I agree with everyone above! And when you buy from Gallery Collection they are so beautiful so you cannot go wrong!

  18. I always buy things in bulk so of course I purchase my Birthday cards the same way. It’s a money and time saver.

  19. It’s cheaper per item and it makes more sense to purchase–all at one time–more of something rather than less.

  20. Ordering your birthday cards in bulk saves time and money, so that’s all good. But when you send out a card to your customer you’re promoting good will and in this economy every business needs more of that!

  21. Great idea. Lately the birthday cards in the store are $4.99 and up. The discounted cards are really poor quality. These cards are high quality.

  22. If you want to save money this is the way to do it. It is still cheaper than picking up individual cards at a discount store and you get such impressive quality.

  23. I just purchased a card for someone at the pharmacy. I didn’t think to look at the price then the cashier rings me up and it was $7.99! Can you imagine having to buy 20 or 30 cards at the price per card? Save money, buy bulk!

  24. I think you meant “classier” 😉 And I could not agree more! The quality of a Gallery Collection card is unmatched! My customers always thank me for remembering them with such a sweet gesture. Such a good business tip.

  25. Lucie is right! I was buying Valentine’s Cards and spent almost $50 on just 6 cards. Ridiculous!!!

  26. With the rising cost of cards out in the stores, I find that the Gallery Collection cards are just as beautiful and usually a higher quality – for much less. The assortment boxes are so useful in the office and I even buy them for home as well.

  27. Every time I receive a card from The Gallery Collection, it stands out from all the others. Every card is made of a higher quality paper. They are larger in size than almost all the other cards I receive, and their designs are beautiful. I have yet to find a better greeting card than The Gallery Collection cards. You can expect to impress by sending one of these cards!

  28. Buying in bulk at The Gallery Collection is the way to go. Personalized cards in the gold and silver foil are beautiful. I want to try the green and the blue in the future as well.

  29. Buying Birthday Cards in Bulk is the way to go, then you have them for the entire year and don’t need to run to the store at the last minute.

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