All Purpose Cards Are There For Any Occasion

Keeping all purpose cards on hand is always a great idea.  These cards can be used at a moment’s notice for whatever the occasion brings.  Sometimes all a person needs is the simplicity and warmth of a card to let them know they matter.  In good times and bad, all purpose cards will make an impact on the recipient.

All purpose cards can result in changing the mood or enhancing the energy of another person.  The employee who just found out her father is sick can find comfort in the Sunny Hopes and Well Wishes card.  The co-worker who just purchased a brand new house can relish in the Contemporary Congratulations card.  The Garden Path Painting Greeting card is perfect to inspire a friend who may be at a crossroads in life.  Cards are a form of expression that someone can look back at and be reminded that they are not experiencing life alone.

All purpose cards are there for any occasion with always a single purpose:  to make a person feel connected to another.  I know whether I am feeling alone and sad or happy and excited, it is always nice to know that there is someone else sympathizing or relishing in my feelings.  I want the people in my life to feel special which is why I make sure I always take full advantage of all purpose cards.

9 thoughts on “All Purpose Cards Are There For Any Occasion”

  1. I’m a fan of the all purpose cards because I use them for short letters. Sometimes a piece of writing paper looks too large, like you have to write a lot to justify sending the letter. I pick up a card, get in a few sentences, and it’s on its way. The cards are a lot prettier tan a piece of paper anyway.

  2. I never thought to just keep cards on hand, let alone all purpose. What a great idea! It would save me so much time when I find myself needing a last minute card.

  3. Good to have some generic cards on hand. Sometimes occassions come up that there isn’t a card for. Saves you when you don’t have a chance to go to a store too.

  4. Having a card that can be used for any purpose it great. Who wouldn’t like to receive a card just because you know it will put a smile on their face. A short note to say “Thanks” or “Thinking of You” or whatever, would make my day a whole lot happier.

  5. Caroline is right. Blank cards are great for short letters and the all purpose front of the cards makes them useful for any occasion. If you need more space, slip in a plain piece of paper to finish your thoughts.

  6. I keep generic cards around if I need to write a thank you or some sort of “thinking of you” message. They come in handy for everything.

  7. Love this idea. I am always running out of cards and having to make a quick trip to the card store. This will certainly solve my problem. I like to be prepared.

  8. It is always a pleasant surprise to receive a card in the mail just to say hello. I have a few friends and relatives who do this from time to time and it truly brightens my day.

  9. I work in HR so I keep a supply of these. You never know what you might need a card for, All purpose cards can cover all occasions.

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