How to Customize Your Corporate Birthday Cards

When it comes to corporate birthday cards, there are 5 ways to customize them.

Logo – Using the company logo gives a professional impression that beats a text imprint. No matter the complexity, your logo will fit and look great inside your corporate birthday cards.

Signature – Every business has an Executive Team, whether it be a small business owner and her husband or a Fortune 500 company. Give that personal touch by having their signatures marked in foil on every birthday card. Wouldn’t that make an employee feel good?

Foil – When it comes to cards, there is ink… but then there is foil. Foil, just like trading cards, improve overall quality and attractiveness. Ink never shines (unless it is still wet!) but foil will shine brilliantly forever. Foil makes a great custom feel to business Christmas cards.

Greeting – Want to really show your employees your creativity? Hit them with a custom greeting! Maybe throw in your company’s motto, or an inspirational quote.

All of the Above! – Using a combination of customizations will only make your custom birthday cards more awe-inspiring. Why do one when you can have it all?

9 thoughts on “How to Customize Your Corporate Birthday Cards”

  1. The signatures preprinted is a lifesaver – especially with the dark cards with foil. Looks great and no need to pass a card around to the team every single birthday to sign.

  2. I like all the options. It is great to be able to pick so many colors and choices to best represent our business.

  3. I have such fun ordering our cards when we run out. There are so many great designs to pick and love all the foil options.

  4. We tried the signatures and logo combination this year. What a GAME-CHANGER! It turned out beautifully and we could not have been happier.

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