How to Customize Your Corporate Birthday Cards

When it comes to corporate birthday cards, there are 5 ways to customize them.

Logo – Using the company logo gives a professional impression that beats a text imprint. No matter the complexity, your logo will fit and look great inside your corporate birthday cards.

Signature – Every business has an Executive Team, whether it be a small business owner and her husband or a Fortune 500 company. Give that personal touch by having their signatures marked in foil on every birthday card. Wouldn’t that make an employee feel good?

Foil – When it comes to cards, there is ink… but then there is foil. Foil, just like trading cards, improve overall quality and attractiveness. Ink never shines (unless it is still wet!) but foil will shine brilliantly forever. Foil makes a great custom feel to business Christmas cards.

Greeting – Want to really show your employees your creativity? Hit them with a custom greeting! Maybe throw in your company’s motto, or an inspirational quote.

All of the Above! – Using a combination of customizations will only make your custom birthday cards more awe-inspiring. Why do one when you can have it all?

How to Choose Birthday Cards for Business

Like most entrepreneurs, I didn’t have money for anything extra when I started out. It was all I could do to pay bills, make payroll, keep my building lit and powered and so on. When the little league came around I had to cry poor when asked to sponsor a team, even though my own kids played. I’d stay late sometimes to clean the office, and my wife worked on the books part time for free. No WB Mason for me, I had to look for deals and do my own purchasing, even for office coffee!


There was a lot to learn, but some things you shouldn’t even have to think about. The way you treat your employees says a lot about you, and no matter what business you’re in, I believe it has everything to do with your ultimate success or failure. Little things matter. Like remembering birthdays and giving out birthday cards. Even when your company gets bigger, as mine has, it doesn’t have to be a chore. I use internet sites like the Gallery Collection. There’s an endless variety and they always look great. I’ve given Birthday Cards from day 1 and it never ceases to amaze me how much the workers appreciate it. And the free coffee, that always goes over big! I do it because I care about them, but I’m convinced it results in better productivity too.

Now that we’re over the hump and I can do more, I still remember how important the little things are.

Staying Connected with Birthday Cards for Business

I work at a large, international company. It is often difficult for such a company to make its employees feel special and appreciated as individuals. As much as they would like to, senior management simply cannot speak one-on-one with each and every employee. One easy way for such a company to make its employees feel individually valued is to send them each an individual birthday card. Birthday cards for business can be personalized to each employee, and imprinted with a company’s logo and names of the company executives. The executives can sign the cards, or even have their signatures imprinted on the cards.

There are many themes to choose from: celestial, gift boxes, balloons, etc. Whatever style is chosen, corporate birthday cards are sure to brighten an employee’s day! They are also an easy, cost-efficient, and friendly way for a large company to stay connected to the people who matter most.