Gift Ideas for Your Boss’s Birthday

Deciding what to get for your Boss’s birthday is definitely a time when the statement “it’s the thought that counts” comes into play. What’s really going to make an impression with your boss is to think of something that she is interested in or has mentioned along the way and gift something along those lines. For example, if you know your boss rides horses, you can find a small horse or something related to horses that she can place on her desk to remind her of the passion she has for horses. It’s sure to bring a smile to her face and remember you in the process. Or perhaps she has mentioned a specific movie she wants to see or a favorite wine that she likes or would love to try. It shows that you have been listening and not just hearing “wa, wa, wa” when she speaks like in the classroom of a Charlie Brown episode.

If you want to go for a bigger ticket item for your Boss’s birthday, group gifts are a great idea and often even preferred by the boss rather than several individual gifts. Just think of the teacher at year end with 30 apples from her students instead of one awesome gift certificate to the spa that she can really enjoy. Your co-workers will be thankful too as you can often make a bigger impact with your gift and end up spending less individually. Again, be sure to consider your boss’s interests and hobbies when thinking of a group gift but some great ideas include a gift certificate, a desk accessory such as a Galileo thermometer or small plant, tickets to a show or movie or even some sweet treats or balloons to celebrate the occasion. If your boss likes the attention, you can make more of a spectacle of her birthday and have balloons or flowers delivered so the whole office can see them, making everyone super jealous in the process.

If you don’t really know your boss that well or are new to the team, keep it simple and generic or ask someone who does know her well.

Good luck with your gift buying! And whatever you do decide to get, do not forget to include a birthday card!

Disclaimer: My boss happens to be a woman which is why I referred to my boss as “she” in this post. But, I’d like to add for the record that male bosses are great too!

Our Top Choices For Birthday Card Messages

Birthdays come once a year, and so they are always something everyone looks forward to. Birthday cards are the perfect way to wish someone a special day. At the Gallery Collection, we have many birthday card messages that would help you express your thoughts to that special someone. If you would like to give a simple wish, perhaps for someone at work , “Best wishes for a happy birthday!” would be perfect. If you would like something a little more personal then, “May the coming year bring you Good Health, Happiness and Success. Happy Birthday!” would tell someone just how much happiness you wish them on their birthday and for the rest of the year!

Up, Up and Away Birthday Card

Of course there are also greetings that would be appropriate for work as well. One of our favorite birthday card messages for the workplace is, “We sincerely appreciate your contributions to the success of our company. Best Wishes for a Wonderful Birthday!” Another favorite would be, “Happy Birthday! May happiness be yours on this special day and in the year ahead.” Whatever greeting you decide to place inside of your card will surely bring a smile to that special person on his/her birthday. Personal birthday cards remind someone how much they are loved, and business birthday cards tell someone how much they are valued and appreciated for all of their work on their special day. Do you have a favorite birthday card message?


Birthday Cards Are A Real Necessity

I have been a small business owner for 27 years now. I know a few things about ups and downs and how to deal with them. Like many people out there, I have never experienced a “down” as bad as the past 5 years. I went from a thriving business to struggling to just pay the bills. I am the type of owner who puts his employees first and while I have had to cut costs, I have not laid anyone off. I take pride in this and I know my employees appreciate it as well. While they aren’t happy I had to get rid of Bagel Friday and summer trips to Great Adventure, they understood the reasoning behind the decisions. I only had one cost cutting idea backfire on me, and it was definitely not the one I expected. Every year I would give my employees a birthday card with a very nice personal message in it thanking them for their hard work. While the birthday cards aren’t overly expensive, I figured why not save a few bucks? I did not foresee the disappointment following this decision.

Birthday Cards

A long time employee’s birthday happened to be the first one to come after this decision. He was actually upset and thought that I had forgotten his birthday. The mix up was quickly cleared up but I could tell he was still disappointed he didn’t get a card. I got similar reactions from other employees as well. Everyone seemed to be ok with losing the impersonal events like Bagel Friday but not getting  business birthday cards really seemed to affect morale. They truly appreciate the personal touch I gave to their birthday. Needless to say I began spending the extra money again to get those wonderful birthday cards. I even wrote out cards for those birthdays that I had missed. Even after 27 years of owning a business I am still learning new lessons every day.

Now I Know What Corporate Birthday Cards Are Truly For

The first time I received an invoice from our sales and marketing department referring to corporate birthday cards I didn’t understand why we would spend money on something that seemed so frivolous. You see, I work in the accounting department involved with accounts payable and I didn’t know what the company would use a corporate birthday card for. My friend Mary works in sales and I asked her. She explained how very valuable they are because it reminds each customer that we remember them and they are individuals with a special day and that they really matter to our business. She went on to say how sometimes a customer will call without placing any order just to thank the sales representative who thought of them.

When you are selling a product and there is a lot of one on one contact with your customers you really get to know them. These business birthday cards are just the right touch for that purpose. I’m sure we get a few extra calls and even more importantly sales. Recently, I received a birthday card from my insurance company representative and it made me smile, proving that it really does matter.

You’ve Got Birthday Cards

Another year has gone by and your birthday is approaching. It could be a milestone year or just another year. You might be thinking that no one will remember you and then the U.S. Postal service makes a delivery. To your surprise your chiropractor; the chiropractor that was referred to you by your neighbor, sent you a birthday card.  These small surprises in life can bring a lot of joy. How thoughtful it is to get birthday cards from someone other than your mother.

Personalized greeting cards are a wonderful gift to give. It might be a small token from a business owner, but it certainly leaves a lasting impression to their clients. It could be your dentist, accountant, lawyer or financial advisor. It is a way of staying in touch with clients who will remember you when they are in need of a special service. To operate a small business isn’t easy these days; to stand out amongst the competition is an important part of your success. Sending personalized birthday cards adds a special touch that is appreciated by all.

Corporations who remember their employee’s birthdays by sending a card also let their workers know they are more than a number. Everyone has a birthday to be celebrated and being remembered with a birthday card is a comforting feeling. I know when I receive one I display it on my desk for a while. Lots of times there are notes from my coworkers, wishing me well plus little remarks that brighten up my day.

Remembering people and letting them know they are thought of in a positive way will bring a smile to their face. It is a good tradition to send birthday cards, as it is usually better to send then to receive!

Design 572AE – Let’s Celebrate! Birthday Card

Are you looking to send festive personalized birthday cards to celebrate employees and co-workers’ birthdays? Design 572AE, Let’s Celebrate! Birthday Card, has a colorful cast of characters that are in the midst of a celebration. Some are wearing party hats and everyone is having fun. There is one gentleman that looks like he is wondering whose birthday it is that they are celebrating. Or if he is anything like me and my co-workers, he is wondering, “Where is the cake?” At the top of the card, “Happy Birthday from all of us” is written out in blue, red, yellow, and green. This whimsical birthday card is sure to please!

Design 572AE – Let’s Celebrate! Birthday Card
Design 572AE – Let’s Celebrate! Birthday Card

Design 572AE, Let’s Celebrate! Birthday Card, is truly a festive way to share your warm wishes for a great day with any employee or co-worker. Such a bright and exuberant birthday card also makes being at work on your special day just a little bit easier to take!

Design #088AY – Hats Off to You

Design #088AY, Hats Off to You Birthday Card, is perfect for sending corporate birthday cards to business associates, customers, and employees. Its simple and cheerful look evokes a party feeling. You can almost hear the Happy Birthday song being sung in the background as the hats dance around the card.

Printed on buff colored heavy stock, the card has six various sized birthday hats in foils of different colors. Each hat has a different design and is embossed, appearing to be popping off the page. There are gold dots, gold curlicues, and little gold stars splashed amongst the birthday hats. A large message wishing “Happy Birthday” is printed in gold foil in a fancy script just below the hats. The finishing touch is a gold foil border that frames the card.

Design #088AY - Hats Off to You Birthday Card
Design #088AY - Hats Off to You Birthday Card

Since on any given day someone is celebrating a birthday, keep a box of these corporate birthday cards on hand so you can rise to the occasion. These cards can be ordered with your custom message printed inside for your convenience or you can handwrite a different personal message for each. You will impress all of your business associates for not only remembering their birthday but by acknowledging this special occasion with such a festive corporate birthday card.

Impressive Business Birthday Cards to Extend Birthday Wishes

If you are looking to purchase business birthday cards, design #614AY, Happy Birthday Glittering Star Card, is a good choice. The catalog does not do this birthday card justice. When you see this card in person, you will be amazed at how sophisticated and colorful it looks. This particular birthday card is done on a cream colored flat card stock. There are two large refractive gold stars in the center surrounded by smaller gold stars and gold ribbons. At the bottom of the card are the words “Happy Birthday,” also in gold. Every time you pick up this card, you will see a multitude of different colors…it almost has a kaleidoscope effect. It’s mesmerizing! An imprint in gold foil and your signature with a gold gel pen would complete this beautiful card.

Design #614AY Happy Birthday Glittering Star Card
Design #614AY Happy Birthday Glittering Star Card

Design #435AE, Starlight Birthday Card, is also an impressive card. The massive display of blue and silver stars looks like they are shooting across the sky. The glossy white card stock really makes the stars stand out, and the refractive foil makes this card look like a real multi-colored celebration. Each of these stars is raised and gives a three dimensional appearance. Your imprint would look nice in blue to match the outside of the card, or even in red if you have an employee or a customer who is celebrating a July birthday. Who wouldn’t be impressed and pleased to receive this celebration of birthday wishes?

Design #435AE Starlight Birthday Card
Design #435AE Starlight Birthday Card

Make a Wish for a Birthday Blast with Business Birthday Cards

Looking for something a little different in your business birthday cards? You will find some very colorful designs this year at The Gallery Collection. Start with Birthday Blast Card, design #116AE. Here is a bright card with colors that pop! Lots of purple and blue, with the words “Happy Birthday” outlined in silver foil. The raised letters provide a nice contrast to the banners in the background and the large size of the lettering makes the message very clear. Colorful confetti falls through the design, as if there was a little explosion of fun. One of my customers said she picked this card because it really looked like fun and was a nice change from their previous birthday cards. Everyone who opens this card will say, “Wow! What a great card!”

Design 116AE Birthday Blast Birthday Card
Design 116AE Birthday Blast Birthday Card

If you want another business birthday card with punch, take a look at Make a Wish Birthday Card, design #823AE. This is one of our dark blue cards that has a bit more drama with colorful foil-accented candles on the front. We’ve had requests for another dark stock birthday card and here it is! The embossed candles really stand out. I especially like how each candle shimmers in the light with green, red or blue diagonal striping alternated with gold foil. The gold “Happy Birthday Wishes” beneath the candles expresses a sentiment that will be appreciated by all your colleagues. Your company name can be printed inside the card in gold foil or you can sign it with the gold gel pens that will be included free with your order. This card will delight the recipient because it is certainly not your average birthday card.

Design 823AY Make a Wish Birthday Card
Design 823AY Make a Wish Birthday Card

Personalized Birthday Cards: What Goes Around Comes Around

There was an old lady who sent a birthday card to an old friend. However, her writing was shaky and the birthday card was delivered to a man who was in a bad way. He was alone and had lost his job. He was very depressed, but when he opened the envelope, he began to think about things. Even though the birthday card had reached him in error, he started to remember how important his friends and family were to him. How they always sent him personalized birthday cards each year and showed their love in so many ways. He realized what the really important things are in life.

He decided to see if he could locate the sender of the birthday card and tell her that she had the wrong address on it. He thought it would be a nice gesture. He hopped on his computer and found the phone number of the old lady. She was so grateful, and to tell the truth, so happy to be talking to someone that she kept on talking long after the information had been exchanged. At one point she said, “You sound so much like my late husband’s great nephew, and your name is Tom just like his.” She hadn’t heard from Tom in many years.

Well I think you know what came next. There was a joyful reunion for two lonely people. And by the way, eventually the birthday card did get to the right person. The moral of this story is sending birthday cards or performing any other kind gesture is like bouncing a ball: it will surely come back with vigor to the hand that held it.