How do Business Cards Promote You?



How do business cards promote you? Well, for starters, a business card instills the idea of confidence and value in your position to other consumers.  Regardless of your occupation, a business card could go a long way in helping you make the right impression on key clientele or partners. However, not only does it instill those ideas, but it also gives people a true sense of who you are.

You can tell a lot about a person by their business card. It’s 2017, there are more card designs than just the generic white card with your picture and info on it. Business card designs give the card and person a little “pizzazz” which will always stick out in the customer’s mind. “Hey this person has a Facebook/iPhone template as on his business card, that’s new, that’s ‘hip’. I like their style, I’m going to give my business to them.” Also, business cards are way great way to network out and find people to collaborate with and expand your business. As this is probably the most important part about any career, networking and getting your name out there is crucial in become any successful businessperson.

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  1. I really like business cards because they are tactile. There is something to be said for being able to hold and carry around something.

  2. It is a lot easier to just hand someone a business card if you meet them out somewhere. They stick it in their wallet and have that reminder.

  3. You can do some really cool things with business cards these days. I’m a doctor so on the back of mine I include a reminder for their next appointment. It gives the business card an extra use.

  4. I added a photo of myself to my real estate business cards. I want people to really remember who I am so what better way than a photo?

  5. I feel anyone can create or receive a business card for any business. The cards really do help you look polished and present yourself in professional light, which will propel your career.

  6. There is so much that one can do with the designing of a business card so that the recipients can remember the person easier. Of course, name and company name recognition is all-important but a memorable color/design scheme can be the final thing that may capture a prospective customer’s heart and wallet.

  7. People may think that a business card can be forgotten in today’s digital age, but holding something in your hand representative of who you are as a person and as a business can go a long way.

  8. It’s awesome how creative you can be with business cards now. The card speaks for you when you’re not present, so why not make it an extension of you?

  9. Business cards are a great way to get your info out there. They include your contact info, you can put a logo or photo of yourself and it is something tangible that people can take away as a reminder. If you make it especially nice they just might keep it in their wallet or desk drawer!

  10. Business cards are useful because it is hard to just try and give all your info for someone to put in a phone. It would take too long marking down name, email, phone, website etc. Give it to them so they have the info in hand.

  11. I carry around business cards from my doctors. It is easier for me to have them on hand than trying to search online.

  12. I used to just have these plain white business cards with my info on it and the big personal touch was that I chose red ink. They were no frills and forgettable. I finally got creative and chose nicer paper and a great design and it makes a world of difference. People actually hold onto them now.

  13. For the longest time I never had a business card. I’d fumble to write things down or wait for someone to plug it into a phone. It is so much more professional to quickly just hand a card with all necessary info.

  14. Like Shirley, I include a photo of myself on the card. This gives people facial recognition with my info as well.

  15. Business cards are great for promotion. They are small enough that people will actually hold onto them.

  16. People get creative with their cards these days. I have many I keep just bc they look so cool.

  17. I finally bit the bullett and ordered myself some business cards. I found it was getting frustrating havng to write down my info for people or send it in a text. Handing a card over is a better presentation.

  18. Don’t be cheap with the paper you pick. Use a nice heavy stock. You want it to feel rich to touch.

  19. Business cards should be eye-catching. There’s a small bulletin board in the entrance to my favorite diner and lots of cards for landscapers on it. If I needed one I would look at the most attractive card first. I would think the business cared enough to attract a customer so maybe they care a lot about the work they do.

  20. As much as first impressions count, so do last impressions. After a business meeting with a prospective client I always leave my business card. This year I updated them and added a photo. A really nice touch that I’m hoping will help me sign up new business.

  21. After seeing all the colorful choices for business cards I know I need a new look. I pass out cards at bingo because I knit and crochet baby sweater sets, blankets, etc. All the grandmas there might order if they see a snappy business card, maybe with a picture of one of my sweaters.

  22. If your plain white business card is boring to look at do your contacts think your business is boring, too? Behind the times? Get up to date and design a new, colorful version. But don’t go overboard with the pizzazz. Be sure the message/info is still clear, complete, and readable.

  23. My before & after photos on my business cards are small but they get big results. I ‘m a pharmaceutical company rep who has used my company’s shakes to lose a lot of weight. I’m proud to show the results to the doctors I call on. Leaving that business card has gotten me more call backs this year.

  24. Something that gets you to take a second look and then is memorable- those are two things you want for your business card. The competition is tough in sales and a colorful, well-designed card is a must.

  25. When you meet a prospective client you need to have a business card that says you mean business, you want to be called back, etc. A photo on your card is a must.

  26. It’s all about networking today, isn’t it? Not just for jobs but for school functions and fundraisers.You need a card that’s memorable and informative, preferably one with your photo on it. It’s your “passport” for business and social situations.

  27. I’m going with a new look for my business cards. I like what the Gallery is showing- photo and color options.

  28. It is kind of surprising how few people have business cards. I still think they are an effective tool.

  29. More & more now, it’s ” you snooze you lose” in business. What’s new, what’s fresh-that’s what gets clients as much as an old established company’s reputation. Colorful business cards, well designed and informative, are the way to go if you want to attract new business.

  30. Don’t leave a plain white business card when you cold call on prospective clients. It makes sense to have one with a photo in color. Any little edge to get you remembered is worth it.

  31. I must always use my company business cards when calling on clients. I would prefer to have some nicer ones, like one with my photo, but our company insists on uniformity for all sales reps.

  32. Thanks for all the choices of colors & patterns. I’m not artistic so I never could have dreamed up an outstanding card on my own. The best part is the photo. Thanks again.

  33. I have added your folders to the presentations I give at my company. But the best addition is the sharp new business cards I’ve tucked into the folders. Everything looks so professional you would never know the business is home-based and only 8 months old.

  34. Don’t wait too long if you’ve been thinking about getting new colorful business cards. Just do it. Your competition might already have them and that puts them way ahead!

  35. Think of the business card as part of your wardrobe, as part of that first impression you want to make. Scuffed shoes, missing button – you don’t want to present that image. So scrap the dull white business cards and go for something colorful and memorable, in a good way.

  36. My business is 90% online but I do have to meet new vendors face to face to have the actual products in hand before they sell online. So I want the best business card to leave with them, the impression that I take my business seriously.

  37. First impressions are so important – clothes, hair, shoes, etc. When you meet a prospective client, your business card should present the best version of you, as well – clean, neat, attractive, and in good taste.

  38. Over the years as my business has grown and changed I’ve also changed my business cards and the company’s image and logo. Right now I need new cards and I’m definitely getting some with my photo on them.

  39. I work from home and with every order I ship out I include my business card along with the packing slip. I’m convinced it has led to re-orders after the customer sees a real person is behind the business.

  40. We have the plain black & white business card on the front and the color pattern on the back of the card, a perfect compromise for my generations old law firm. It was hard to convince the partners, but now they love the cards.

  41. Get in the habit of carrying a few cards in your wallet when you’re not at work. You never know who you might meet at the store, at the gym, etc. And getting the bright new cards makes sense.

  42. I’m between jobs now but I ordered cards with my photo and email contact, just in case an opportunity turns up.

  43. Business cards make you seem much more professional. It is an easy way to pass along your info.

  44. We had a seminar at work for our company insurance plan. The first thing the rep did was hand out his business card to everyone. It had plenty of contact info and it included his photo. Good move.

  45. There’s so much competition for jobs that you need to stand out from the rest when you finally get that face to face meeting. Bright, modern, well designed business cards with your photo can give you an edge in the interview.

  46. Your business card is an investment in representing yourself to your clients and potential clients. Nobody can see the education and training that got you where you are today. You need to put forward the best image possible in order to compete.

  47. I remember how proud my Dad was when he got his first box of business cards. His company ordered & paid for them, plain black & white in those days. Now with the colorful patterns & photos it’s a new era. Your company has a great selection!

  48. Our small singing group needs a new image. We do karaoke gigs and would like to promote our business. These colorful new biz cards are great looking.

  49. My husband isn’t going to want to change his old-fashioned business cards for anything new & different. I’m going to order some for him.

  50. make a big statement about yourself, about your corporate image, and the company’s outlook on business when you hand someone your business card. Make it the best. Get laminated cards that last.

  51. In today’s world you really do need a business card to promote yourself. The Gallery Collection’s cards are so classic!!

  52. Me, Me, ME! You have to promote yourself to get anywhere in this world so start selling peeps.

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