The Handshake & Business Card Move

Are you a business owner, employer or someone in need of new clientele? Do you ever wonder how you can get your name out there? Now think about how many people you’ve shook hands with. All of those people should and could be walking around with your name and business card in their pockets or wallets. You need to promote your business to get business.

One way to become an expert business man or woman is by becoming an expert at the handshake and business card move. It’s time to get stocked on some business cards and start shaking some hands.

First things first, make your business cards pop. Create an eye-catching card so that people don’t instantly throw it away. Choose or build a design that would make people want to hold on to it. Advertisements and billboards are stuck in one place where people pass by without even glancing at them. Make your audience stare and study your business card and take it everywhere they go.

Now that you have your business cards prepared, be confident in handing them out. Approach a promising looking young man or woman and introduce yourself with a handshake. Build up a small conversation and mention what your line of work is. Convince them that one day they may need your expertise and hand over your business card. Be warm and friendly so that they will want to keep your card on hand.
Every person you hand off your business card to is a potential client/customer and a potential promoter of your business. They can take your name everywhere they go and hand over your business card for you to their friends and family.

Once you get the handshake and business card move down, the business cards do the work for you.

7 thoughts on “The Handshake & Business Card Move”

  1. It’s kind of like, left hand business card then right hand shake at the end of a meeting or business proposal. Never meet without a few business cards to distribute.

  2. How about showing a woman doing the handshake? I see lots of prospects daily and
    I give out a business card to every client I meet, and shake hands.

  3. The Customer service woman at my bank gave me her card when she helped me with a problem. So glad she did as I needed to call her back a few times to clarify things.

  4. I love that you have such a variety of colorful, creative business cards. I want to stand out wherever I leave my card – thanks.

  5. Adding your photo on your business card helps people remember you and what you do! Also, the way someone handshakes is very telling. Eye contact is also very good, but not too much or else you’ll look creepy.

  6. Business cards are one of the few items out there that have not turned “electronic”. Plus, they are small enough to pose no inconvenience to the recipient, who can easily tuck the card away and refer to it later when they realize they need or want to contact you! Still a relevant business tool in today’s online world!

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