Business Christmas Cards Make for a Joyful Office

I think the nicest decorations any office can have at Christmas is to display their Christmas cards received from friends, clients and customers.  What a beautiful way to spread some Christmas joy and it’s absolutely free and almost effortless.

Business Christmas cards come in all shapes and sizes, all colors and designs, almost built in decorations for the office setting.  It takes very little time or planning on anyone’s part to simply display and arrange Christmas cards around the office and immediately you can’t help but get in the Christmas spirit.

It’s so much fun to see the cards that come in at the holidays.  Some are photo cards and show the entire company standing in front of the building or company truck or van.  Some of the ones I’ve seen lately are themed for different professions and it’s really nice to see those since they’ve gotten a little more relaxed recently.  Some of the ones I saw at my dentist’s office were so funny they had everybody standing around laughing when one person pointed out a particularly silly card from another dentist in the same building.  I got the impression, some folks wait until the holidays to let their guard down a bit and send a card that may be a little out of character, just for fun – knowing that everyone will enjoy and have a good chuckle.

The holidays are a fun time in general and being able to share good wishes only adds to that.  Having people come together for any reason at the holidays especially is heartwarming.  So, if the first step is appreciating business Christmas cards and that starts a dialogue about the beauty of the season, then all the better.

7 thoughts on “Business Christmas Cards Make for a Joyful Office”

  1. My company receives so many Christmas and holiday cards and we always look forward to it. We keep them displayed for weeks because they just look so cheerful and festive.

  2. I just love humorous greeting cards. Whenever I receive one I insist on showing it to everyone who stops by my cubicle. Don’t get me wrong, I like the sentimental ones as well. I enjoy hanging them all up around my desk.

  3. I love the tradition of displaying Christmas cards in the office. Not only are they attractive and joyful, they also show off all the business contacts the company has, possibly encouraging a positive atmosphere in the office. Personally, I enjoy viewing the variety of card designs.

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