Business Christmas Cards are Perfect for the Holidays

I am an owner of a marina of five years now which is year round job. When I first took ownership of my new business I can recall writing all my business Christmas cards out by hand. As my clientele grew so did my time in being extremely involved in overseeing and organizing my day to day workforce. With over 400 customers plus my employees, sub-contractors, suppliers and then some, I couldn’t imagine writing all those Christmas cards out by hand.

As the holidays were nearing I just didn’t know how I would possibly get everything done with Thanksgiving around the corner. So, I decided to do a search online to see how I could simplify my hectic life and I found The Gallery Collection. They have such a large assortment of Christmas cards that if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you’ll never find it.

As I was skimming over the site I noticed that there were corporate holiday cards as well, which made me think of my grandfather who owned an electrical corporation in Dallas, Texas. I called his secretary and told her about The Gallery Collection. Her reply to me was, “Oh we’ve been using them for years.” I should have known, especially considering how particular my grandfather can be with his choices!

12 thoughts on “Business Christmas Cards are Perfect for the Holidays”

  1. The Gallery Collection cards really are beautiful and of the best quality. I’ve been using them for years and it is always such an easy process. My customers often mention how much they loved the card I sent out for my business!

  2. The Gallery COllection does have nice cards. I order some for personal use as well as for my real estate business. They have so many designs to choose from. For an added touch I hand write the year in the upper right hand corner but I let the Gallery Collection do the rest.

  3. I ordered cards from one of the Gallery Collection’s competitors a couple years ago and it was a huge mistake. I’ll never waiver in my decision again! Cards are representative not only of yourself but also of the quality of your business. Definitely not something you want to skimp on.

  4. I truely believe that the Gallery Collection Business Christmas cards are the best. I’ve received cards from other companies and , well, let’s just say…. they didn’t even compare to gallery cards. Gallery cards have the best quality and make you feel like an important person when receiving them.

  5. Since you are a marina owner I hope you took advantage of the nice boat picture cards that Gallery offers. I’m from Boston and boats are my life so couldn’t resist the Boston harbor card.

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