Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Look Back Series – Winners 2007 Through 2011

Today’s entry into the Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Look Back series takes a look at all of the beautiful winning entries and the cards that they were turned into. Join us down a trip of memory lane starting with our first ever winning design by Elizabeth Digre, all the way to the 2011 winning design by Whitney Fuertes. 

2007 Winning Design by Elizabeth Digre – Season’s Greetings Golden Snowscape Card
9-27-2013 2-33-22 PM

2008 Winning Design by George Humeston – Full Moon Winter Night Christmas Card

Full Moon Winter Night Christmas Card
2009 Winning Design by Lauren Ondreko – Snowman Surprise Christmas Card
Snowman Surprise Christmas Card
2010 Winning Design by Dawnee Burson – Log Cabin Greetings Holiday Card
2010 Final Card
2011 Winning Design by Whitney Fuertes – Gilded Nativity Christmas Card
Gilded Nativity Christmas Card



6 thoughts on “Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Look Back Series – Winners 2007 Through 2011”

  1. It must be so much fun looking through all of the entries but really hard to decide which one will win. $10,000.00 is a lot of money for a student-this is serious stuff. I think 2011 is my favorite, they are all nice but I like religious cards for Christmas. I am not too sure about 2008 Full Moon, Winter Night-maybe it looks better close up

  2. Looks like any type of art can be entered-I see a photo, a painting and a doodle; each winners. I am not artistic but I love looking at nice things-actually I am on the Gallery site to choose a business holiday card for my department to send-thought I would investigate the scholarship winners to see if my boss would like any one them-I order the 2007 winner sample as well as others

  3. These cards are all so beautiful and it’s great to see The Gallery Collection holding these types of contest to see what other talent and creativity is out there. They’re all beautuful but my favorite would be the 2009 design by Lauren Ondreko. The colors are so beautiful!

  4. This is a really neat opportunity for these kids. I really love the first one with the sunrise. I’m going to share this with the college aged kids I know – I have several friends who have very artistic kids that I’m sure would love to get in on a possible $10,000 scholarship! Good for you for offering this.

  5. I was on looking for some tuition money and came across this contest. I am an art student interested in design but I wanted to do some research to better understand what the Gallery Collection was looking for in a winning design. I see the winners are Christmas/Holiday cards so I will send in that type of entry-wish me luck!!

  6. This is an excellent opportunity for the creative art student to earn money towards his/her education. Not only is the cash prize a bonus but the winner also gets a sense of confidence and encouragement towards being a successful artist. My favorite is the 2009 Snowman Surprise Christmas Card …. really unique and cheerful.

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