Dark Stock or Light Stock Christmas Cards?

Finally making a choice between going with a dark or light stock Christmas cards this year can depend on many factors. What look are you going for and who are the recipients? Depending on the card and printing color, could you be sacrificing readability?

The Gallery Collection carries both types of card stocks in a wide array of styles. Light Christmas cards could be white or buff while dark stock cards can be black, dark brown, dark green, navy blue or a deep red. Additionally, many designs are offered in both light and dark stock options. So, how do you choose?

Think ahead—if you opt for a dark stock card know that your color printing options become limited to select foils only. If you plan to sign or write anything on the Holiday Cards you will need to purchase gel pens, which The Gallery Collection offers in gold and silver.

If you choose a light stock card, be wary of color conflicts there as well. Some might find silver on white card stock or the gold on buff card stock slightly harder to read. Ask for a complimentary sample of your printing color on your card stock choice to see if you like the way it looks together.

3 thoughts on “Dark Stock or Light Stock Christmas Cards?”

  1. The dark card stocks definitely look and feel more expensive. Gold gel pens look very nice against the dark cards. I highly recommend!

  2. The dark-colored cards really stand out in a sea of cheap, flimsy light cards that get sent by the competition. The foil is easy to read and classy on the darker cards too. The gold foil on blue cardstock is my favorite!

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