Why a Die-Cut Card?


Whether you are sending holiday cards, birthday cards or some other sentimental card, you are sending a message that the recipient of these well wishes are important and that your company goes the extra mile to make its customers feel special. Sure, you may have other reasons to send out cards such as staying relevant in the market or keeping your name on the cusp of clients’ minds. But no matter what your thought process, you still have the recipients’ name on your list.

How many times do you walk into a business office or your doctor’s office and see beautiful cards on display? All the time especially during the holidays, I am sure. The problem is you are looking at this gorgeous card decorated card with holiday pictures or a gorgeous outdoor scene, and yet, you have no idea who sent this card.

Well now there is an easy answer to this dilemma. Die Cut cards are cards that have a window that looks to the inside of the card. In this opening, your custom imprint can be seen. You can put two lines such as FROM ALL OF US AT on line one and your company name on line two. If you prefer, you can just put your company name.

Depending on the size and detail of your logo, this die cut card window can even display your logo. No matter where your card is displayed, the people checking out the card you sent can see your company name. Die Cut cards are definitely beneficial in keeping your business name front and center.

50 thoughts on “Why a Die-Cut Card?”

  1. As they say, First Impressions Count. So if your company name is seen up front it’s a plus. For me that window sets the card apart from all the other holiday cards. It’s different and decorative.

  2. That’s a real pretty card and I like the little window. It doesn’t scream your company name. It’s a fitting way to highlight the name. I’m not sure about a logo in that space; I’d have to think about it.

  3. I was confused about the term die-cut – I like the word “window” better. It’s a subtle way to show off your company name, right up front.

  4. I like the sample you’re showing. It’s a great winter scene and I like the idea of my company’s name showing through the window. Clever.

  5. I like the window idea. Didn’t know what die-cut meant. That’s a good idea for the holidays when we tape up our cards at work. You can see the name right away and you don’t have to peek inside.

  6. Why a Die-cut card? Why not a die-cut-? It looks great, your name is right out there, front & center plus inside the card. It’s win-win.

  7. Something new for me to be analyzing Christmas cards but it looks like a lot of companies are doing it. That die-cut is different and I need to look a little better than my competition.

  8. I didn’t know why you named it a die-cut card. Window card or peek-a boo is more like it.Then I found out die-cut means the window was cut out by a metal stamp. Anyway, the cards are eye-catching and that’s what counts when I send out cards to my business people.

  9. I quite like the look of the die-cut cards. It makes the design of the card so much more personal. You get your company name right out there the minute the recipient looks at the card.

  10. I was pleased with the die cut design I chose for my Christmas cards last year. I was nervous with it being the first I’ve bought like that, but it came out beautifully. The logo for my company is short and long so it was ideal for showing through the window and I got lots of comments on how great it looked!

  11. It’s easy to see why this kind of card would be popular for businesses. Your name is always in view, and the cards are really quite nice.

  12. I order these for my business, but last year I got one for my personal cards. It was nice to have our family name peer through to the front of the card.

  13. Die cut cards are great for business. Your company name is always visible even if the card is closed. I like that about these designs.

  14. The design pictured really catches my eye and the company name will just pop with the white background and foil frame. You can’t buy something like this just out in any store.

  15. I was looking at the 26 die-cut cards you have and they all have a winter holiday theme. There’s a big southern population who celebrate Christmas without snow. How about a few designs for us? Not palm trees, but not snowmen and polar bears. Thanks.

  16. I like the idea of stringing my holiday cards across the wall and the die-cut cards are good because you can read who they’re from without reaching up to open them. The company name shows right through the window.

  17. These cards are really great for businesses. The customers see your name immediately when they get their cards.

  18. The window to show your company name is a really nice feature. It always looks amazing when I order one of these designs.

  19. Get more bang for your bucks with these. My company’s name appears nice and big before you even open the card and you still see it once more reading it on the inside.

  20. The die-cut cards add something special to the card. It really personalizes and makes the card stand out next to your typical greeting card.

  21. I order diecut cards for my business each year, as opposed to the regular cards for my personal order. It is a great option for a business owner because it has some additional impact.

  22. Don’t exclude die-cuts from family cards, thinking they are for business only. There are cute penguin and snowmen cards that are die-cut and they would be great for family cards.

  23. I definitely like the idea of the cut out on our holiday cards. It’s a good idea for the company name to be seen twice.

  24. I’d like to see that die-cut idea but in a circle so you could fit a large logo in it.

  25. The card displayed above is one I have used before. The art itself is quite lovely, but the way it frames your business name makes it stand out.

  26. Diecut cards are good marketing tools. You want your business name to be very visible. I’ve been pleased with the selection of diecut cards and haven’t had to repeat a design in all the years I’ve been ordering.

  27. It would be cool to see diecuts in different shapes. Maybe a circle or something peeking out.

  28. The diecut cards are beautiful. Now that the new foils are offered you can make your company name or logo really match the cards nicely.

  29. They are great cards. Love the little peak through effect. My name looks so prominent!

  30. That card is actually one of my favorites that I have used. I really love a blue card and the silver on the card looks so nice with the silver foil of the company name showing through,

  31. Aside from the advantage of having your company name visible whether the card is closed or open, it’s just fun to add a new slant to your ordinary holiday cards. A card with a cut out adds visual interest as soon as you take it out of the envelope.

  32. I like the die-cut idea and would try it except that we always have at least 5 people signing the cards. So I don’t think that would work for us.

  33. The comment by AJ is so right. You get twice the effect with the die-cut cards – you read the company name wh ether the card is open or closed.

  34. Most of the comments for the die-cut cards pertain to business use, company name. I think the Three Jolly Snowmen would be cute for personal cards.

  35. The Birthday Bunch, a Gallery Collection card, is such a great card for all the office birthdays we celebrate. I see it’s on sale now so it’s time to stock up for the year ahead.

  36. I looked at the Die-cut cards and ordered some free samples just to be sure of the design. We’ve never had a card with a cut-out.

  37. An earlier comment mentioned a circle opening. That type of cut out would be perfect for our logo which is a stylized globe.

  38. Our logo won’t fit in that slot for the die-cut but I like the idea of our name going there. It’s a differnet kind of card to send.

  39. Really is a nice little trick. Great way to be able to customize the front without technically printing on it!

  40. I was looking at The Gallery Collection and wondering what those were! Thanks for the insight!

  41. You can send a plain card or you can send something different. The die-cut is different because of the little window. Different and modern.

  42. We tried the die-cut cards last year and we were very satisfied. It’s a nice touch to have your company’s name displayed in the die-cut space.

  43. What can I say – if you’re doubtful about the die-cut style, ask for a few samples. They really make a good impression.

  44. Such a neat idea to display our company name through the front. We’re getting these this year.

  45. These are seriously the best. I love how you can have your info pop through to the front.

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