Fond Memories of a Business Christmas Cards Contest

Are you thinking about your business Christmas cards? I know…it’s September and the holidays seem far away. Here at the Gallery Collection we think about corporate Christmas cards all year long and are ready to fill your order right now.

One of my memories of business Christmas cards goes back to a job I had at a software company. We really got to know our customers because of the lengthy sales cycle, which could run up to six months and sometimes longer. Being friendly with our counterparts on the customer side often led to an exchange of business Christmas cards through the years.

Our central office always ordered attractive corporate Christmas cards imprinted with the company name inside to send to our customers. We would add a personal note to the people we saw almost on a daily basis. A highlight of the season was receiving personalized holiday cards back from these customers. In our branch office, we displayed the cards on our office doors for instant festive holiday decorations.

And what was the Business Christmas Cards Contest? Not surprising for a sales branch, there was a prize for the employee who received the most Christmas cards from customers. But there was another prize for the best looking display of the cards. One year I won with a winter scene that included a ski slope, all made of cards from my customers. It still makes me laugh when I think about how intently we all worked on our doors (it was the slow time of year).

Now I work with customers who select their business Christmas cards with care. I really understand the importance of just the right message in a beautifully made Christmas card.

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