Keep Customers in Mind with Corporate Christmas Cards

Today’s businesses are struggling just to exist! They have to save money wherever they can because of increased fuel costs, higher material costs, and tighter consumer expenditures due to the recessing economy. As a consumer, I would like to commend the companies that still send business holiday cards. They have not forgotten the people that are keeping them in business. There are certain areas in which a business could save money, and cutting back by not sending business holiday cards should not be one of them.

I received some very high quality corporate Christmas cards this past holiday season, despite rising costs. It is very important to thank your customers. Businesses have to go the extra mile to keep their customers happy so they will come back throughout the coming year, especially considering the status of our current economy. The companies that have taken the time to thank their customers are the businesses that I will use and recommend to others. So despite all of the economic setbacks that just about everyone in the U.S. is experiencing, I recommend that businesses keep us consumers in mind with corporate Christmas cards and we’ll keep you in mind the next time we open our checkbooks.

Fond Memories of a Business Christmas Cards Contest

Are you thinking about your business Christmas cards? I know…it’s September and the holidays seem far away. Here at the Gallery Collection we think about corporate Christmas cards all year long and are ready to fill your order right now.

One of my memories of business Christmas cards goes back to a job I had at a software company. We really got to know our customers because of the lengthy sales cycle, which could run up to six months and sometimes longer. Being friendly with our counterparts on the customer side often led to an exchange of business Christmas cards through the years.

Our central office always ordered attractive corporate Christmas cards imprinted with the company name inside to send to our customers. We would add a personal note to the people we saw almost on a daily basis. A highlight of the season was receiving personalized holiday cards back from these customers. In our branch office, we displayed the cards on our office doors for instant festive holiday decorations.

And what was the Business Christmas Cards Contest? Not surprising for a sales branch, there was a prize for the employee who received the most Christmas cards from customers. But there was another prize for the best looking display of the cards. One year I won with a winter scene that included a ski slope, all made of cards from my customers. It still makes me laugh when I think about how intently we all worked on our doors (it was the slow time of year).

Now I work with customers who select their business Christmas cards with care. I really understand the importance of just the right message in a beautifully made Christmas card.

Thank You Cards are Business Savvy

Ever own a business before? Well I did, and believe me, the little things matter. Every minute detail is scrutinized by your customers. You always think to yourself, “Well that really won’t matter,” but believe me…it does! The best way to get things done in business is to get it done cheaply and with meaning.

There’s a little trick I’d like to let you all in on; something that nobody ever thought about till me. Well…okay, it’s been around forever but I bet you forgot about it. It’s simple, it’s cheap, and it’s thoughtful beyond belief. What is it? It’s writing business thank you cards! Yes, that’s it.

You know your customers by name and address. Take the time to pick up some business thank you cards and send some out. Everyone wants return customers, so why not give them a reason to believe you actually care about them? Putting together thank you cards is an easy task.

What thank you messages should you write in these cards? Well how about, “Thanks!” Okay, now stop muttering under your breath at me. Here’s a little more: “Thank you for your continuing support. We hope you had a great experience using insert your company name here.” Sign your name inside the greeting card and you’re done.

Writing thank you cards is an uncomplicated business tactic that leads to customer retention. I don’t know about you, but I like holding onto customers who spend money on my business. So when you get new customers, send them a nice reminder that their dollars spent were dollars much appreciated. And before you know it, they’ll spend more.

The Benefits of Business Anniversary Cards

When do you expect to get an anniversary card? Wedding anniversaries? Sure. Personal milestones? Of course. But how about an anniversary card for the date you started your job? Business anniversary cards were never anything I had even considered – that is, until I got one!

I couldn’t imagine why I was getting mail from my office but was pleasantly surprised upon opening it. Inside the deckled-edged envelope was a magnificent anniversary card, signed by the company executives and thanking me for my hard work and devotion. It reinforced my feelings of being appreciated and valued at my job, and I surely was happy to go to work the next day.

But think about the opportunities. If business anniversary cards can make your employees feel valued, then imagine how they can make your customers feel. Why not send clients or vendors anniversary cards to observe the day they began working with your company? And in the same way these cards might encourage your employees to look forward to going to work, which after all is a good thing, business anniversary cards might make your customers look forward to giving you some extra business!