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As the one who is in charge of ordering our cards every year, I am always challenged at to what card I choose to order. It’s not that I can’t find one I like, but quite the opposite. I find too many that I like. Therefore, it is always hard to make the final decision. I finally nailed it down to 5 designs.

Glowing Holiday Forest Card is a glossy photo of snow covered trees, set on a dark mate background.  Twinkling lights adorn the snow covered branches that gently illuminate the forest.

Lights and Bows Card has a gold embossed stamped border framing a mounted photo. This Christmas tree and holly boughs remind me of holidays of years gone by. Warm and festive, bringing thoughts of gathering family and friends close.

Christmas Welcome Wreath Card is a cream matte embossed with gold. This frames a mounted photo of a wreath adorned door. This to me declares, “Welcome – I wish you Peace and Joy!

New York City, Tribute in Light Christmas Card is a photo mounted on a white matte card stock that will forever remind me of 9/11. Not only the horror, but of the extreme acts of courage and heroism that will be etched in our hearts and minds for the rest of our lives. This beautiful tribute in lights that depict the twin towers is a befitting memorial to all the lives lost and to remind us all that some things are never to be forgotten.

5 thoughts on “Greeting Cards Highlights – Business Photo Cards”

  1. Always a fan of the NY cards. I lived in the city for awhile and always loved it there. The tribute in light card is very touching.

  2. All the cards are so beautiful. I particularly love the black matted cards. The holiday festivness jumps off the card.

  3. Great assortment! Really like the last two options. Already looking forward to picking my card for this year!

  4. I really like the idea of the photo mount card-the Tribute photo is spectacular but I think I would choose a more homey feeling light Welcome Wreath

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