Say Cheese! Send Photo Christmas Cards This Holiday Season

We’ve all done it. We open our mailbox and receive the customary Holiday cards from friends and family. They get opened and placed on a table amongst several other cards. Placed and forgotten until the Holiday season is over and it’s time to clean up. They are all then shuffled into a garbage bag, or stored in a box, only to never be seen again. We don’t mean to be so insensitive, but unless these cards stand out, they are destined to fall into the “abyss” of forgotten mail. It’s time to make your holiday cards stand out. What better way to do this than with Business Photo Cards this Holiday season. You are able to capture a moment, and share it with the people closest to you. Pictures can be special sentiments, which is why people are more prone to throw out a card versus a picture. Once the Holiday season is over, the picture portion can be cut out and framed. It is received as a card and gift in one!

Switching gears, businesses can also benefit from Photo Greeting Cards.  We’ve all heard the famous saying that states “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is with reason. Marketing firms have discovered that content with images receive 94% more views than content without relevant images. Don’t just tell your customers, show them. Bring them into your business with a picture that exemplifies your message.  Say “cheese” and send them your customized photo cards.

How To Create Business Holiday Photo Cards

It can seem complicated to create your own Business Christmas Photo Cards to send to clients and correspondents this holiday season. But, don’t be overwhelmed. Here’s how you can easily navigate The Gallery Collection’s vast selection of templates and design your own Holiday Card!

There are 100+ Christmas Photo Card design options available. Once you find a greeting card you like, simply follow the step-by-step instructions to upload your photo and customize your cards. You can always call a representative to help if you get stuck or have questions at 800-950-7064.

You’ll notice as you browse that some designs even have options to add your company name to the front of the card and all have the ability to edit the text inside. Make sure you take a photo you’re pleased with. Pay attention to every detail and think about how your photo will look with the template of your choosing. You can always get a physical proof of your greeting card for an additional charge if you feel hesitant.

Nervous about the time-frame? Once your photo is submitted, it only takes around 3 – 5 business days to produce before The Gallery Collection ships your Business Photo Card order! For such highly personalized and professional Christmas cards, you can’t beat that turn-around time—which even comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Greeting Cards Highlights – Business Photo Cards

As the one who is in charge of ordering our cards every year, I am always challenged at to what card I choose to order. It’s not that I can’t find one I like, but quite the opposite. I find too many that I like. Therefore, it is always hard to make the final decision. I finally nailed it down to 5 designs.

Glowing Holiday Forest Card is a glossy photo of snow covered trees, set on a dark mate background.  Twinkling lights adorn the snow covered branches that gently illuminate the forest.

Lights and Bows Card has a gold embossed stamped border framing a mounted photo. This Christmas tree and holly boughs remind me of holidays of years gone by. Warm and festive, bringing thoughts of gathering family and friends close.

Christmas Welcome Wreath Card is a cream matte embossed with gold. This frames a mounted photo of a wreath adorned door. This to me declares, “Welcome – I wish you Peace and Joy!

New York City, Tribute in Light Christmas Card is a photo mounted on a white matte card stock that will forever remind me of 9/11. Not only the horror, but of the extreme acts of courage and heroism that will be etched in our hearts and minds for the rest of our lives. This beautiful tribute in lights that depict the twin towers is a befitting memorial to all the lives lost and to remind us all that some things are never to be forgotten.

Why You Should Send Business Photo Cards

Looking to add that personal touch to your business greeting cards?  Why not add a photo?

Sending a business photo card looks professional but it is also very convenient and an easy process to create.  One popular idea is to take a photo of your staff to put on the card so you can send it to clients, customers, and businesses around the country.  I feel many businesses who receive your card may have possibly never met most or any of your staff in person.  It is a nice thing to finally be able to put faces to the voices they hear all year round while negotiating, setting up contracts, and communicating over the phone.

If you are a small and family oriented business, you can take a nice holiday photo of your family to include on the card.  You could also include a nice photo from your family vacation over the summer.  This adds a really great personal and intimate touch to your greeting card that many others may not have.  You could also include a picture on your card that doesn’t feature anybody at all.  Maybe it was a beautiful photo you took down at the beach over the summer, or a nice shot you caught of a family of deer while you were camping in the mountains last winter.

It’s always a nice idea to write your own greeting.  But as everyone always says, a picture can speak a thousand words!