New For 2018 Christmas Cards


Every year I look for something new when purchasing our Company’s Christmas cards. It can be quite challenging to find something unique especially when we want our cards to say Merry Christmas on the front, but I think I found a few great examples for this year.

This Opulent Ornaments Christmas Card is definitely unique. I love the idea of having all that gold on a black card stock. It has an elegant touch. It is a glossy color photo that is mounted and framed in gold. The photo is a zoomed in section of a Christmas tree with different shades of gold ornaments and crystal beading dangling down from the branches. The added touch of Merry Christmas below the photo makes this a perfect choice for us.



Another that I find totally out of the ordinary is this Burst of Blue Christmas card. It is stamped with reflective silver foil with the matching framed border. The snowflake is done in an ornate fashion. Without going for the typical red and green and holiday symbols, this card still sends wishes for a Merry Christmas.


You may look at this Picturesque Setting Christmas Card on the left and think it is a run of the mill Christmas photo. However, you’d be wrong! I look at this one and see a beautiful, homely Christmas scene with a burning fire and gorgeous tree with all the trimmings. Also, let’s not forget those presents! What makes this Christmas card truly stand out though is the navy card stock. The photo really jumps and so does the gold “Merry Christmas” below it.

5 thoughts on “New For 2018 Christmas Cards”

  1. A beautiful, traditional Christmas scene from when a lot of us were growing up. It stirs up many good memories.

  2. Loving the idea of a picture perfect Christmas morning. It captures all that Christmas feels like when you wake up and run into the living room as a child.

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