Thanksgiving Cards vs. Holiday Cards

It’s an age old debate. Should we send Thanksgiving Cards? If yes, are we going to send Christmas/Holiday Cards as well? I’m here to tell you that both sides don’t need to be at odds. Go ahead and send your Holiday card as you normally do each year, but you should also consider sending that Thanksgiving card too. Here’s my reasons why.

We have a small yet successful company and our customers always seem to enjoy receiving the Holiday Cards we make sure we send every year. They tell us it’s something they look forward to each fall. Last year, we decide to send a Thanksgiving card and ended up with an overwhelmingly great response from everyone! I think they appreciated the fact it kicked off the holiday season a bit earlier than expected.

From a personal standpoint, we did love that the cards put our name out there in a positive, welcome manner – well before any of our competitors. Also, there seems to be more time and manpower available to handle Thanksgiving Cards being addressed and mailed well before the hectic schedule of the holidays gets into full swing.

If you’re looking for a new way to get your customer’s attention and have them think of you as forward thinking and on-the-ball, consider also sending a Thanksgiving Card for this year. There are some beautiful designs available on this website and excellent greeting to choose from. The Gallery Collection has each and every time created outstanding cards for us to be proud of. The service is always quick and efficient and ordering is fairly painless. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.

27 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Cards vs. Holiday Cards”

  1. I think it’s a good idea to send both a Thanksgiving card and a Holiday card. We have a lot to be thankful for here in America. So do that first, then celebrate the holidays.

  2. Thanksgiving is a national holiday, not really associated with religion. I don’t think anyone is offended by a Thanksgiving card.

  3. Canada has a Thanksgiving day in October and I wonder if Canadians send cards for that holiday? I think we should send cards for Thanksgiving to keep in touch before the Christmas rush starts.

  4. Have you noticed that on Labor Day all the Halloween candy was on display at the supermarket? Get an early start to the holidays and send a Thanksgiving card from your business.

  5. If you want to get a head start on the holiday season and a jump start on the competition, please send a Thanksgiving card. Most people are too busy around Christmas to even read through a Christmas card and remember your company’s name.

  6. Why not send a Thanksgiving card to those extra special customers? Then send Xmas greetings as well. It’s a personal touch that I know I would appreciate getting.

  7. Thanksgiving cards are so alive with fall colors. It’s a pleasure to get one to remind me to be thankful for our country and my family.

  8. Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie! It’s kind of a last hurrah before snow & ice. Sending a card for Thanksgiving is a friendly thing to do. I send both Thanksgiving & Christmas cards.

  9. My husband runs a small insurance office and the competition for getting new group policies is fierce. I think a Thanksgiving card keeps our name out in front of the holiday rush of Christmas cards. We send Christmas cards, too.

  10. Thanksgiving cards are a wonderful idea, since it is the season of thanks. Everyone sends out Christmas cards, so I may be sending Thanksgiving cards this year just to switch it up.

  11. Things are so politically correct now that it’s better to send Thanksgiving cards instead of cards around Christmas. You’re giving thanks for blessings, I guess, but it’s kind of religion neutral.

  12. I’d be surprised to see Thanksgiving cards in my office, but we do get a lot of Happy Holidays & Season’s Greeting cards in December from our vendors.

  13. Very cute & clever turkey “feathers” for your blog illustration. I think Thanksgiving cards should be sent because in troubling times we need a reminder of how fortunate we are in this country.

  14. I read what Josette said – Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie. But I have to say that you should have the symbolic turkey featured on one of your cards. I’m all for sending Thanksgiving cards out to my clients before the holiday craziness. I actually send holiday cards as well.

  15. With natural disasters as well as political turmoil capturing the headlines it’s a perfect time to express thanks for the good things we still have. Send Thanksgiving cards this year.

  16. Business shouldn’t always be a rat race, a competitive jungle. Take the time for some thankful thoughts and send a card to your customers for Thanksgiving.I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised and it’s a great way to begin the holiday season.

  17. I like the fact that your company has a greeting that takes in Thanksgiving plus the holidays. For me, on a tight budget, I can send my Thanksgiving cards with holiday wishes. If my budget stretches next year I can send out both types of cards.

  18. It’s always good to send another card and make someone feel appreciated. If others aren’t doing it, then I think that gives you even more incentive to send them because you will be seen as unique. The receiver and sender will both feel great. It’s really a win-win situation.

  19. Thanksgiving is a much more relaxing holiday IMO. I would rather send cards then before the hectic Christmas season.

  20. Thanksgiving is the best! Love sending cards for holidays other than Christmas and they always pleasantly surprise recipients.

  21. By sending Thanksgiving cards you are probably making more of an impression. Once the Christmas rush starts and cards are piling in businesses are making less of a mental note of who the card came from – I vote for the early jump and sending Thanksgiving cards especially from a business

  22. I never thought about Thanksgiving cards but its actually really cute idea. Coming from a company that would be a nice gesture for the holidays. I like it .

  23. Thanksgiving cards make a lot of sense to me! It’s a gorgeous time of year, and a time to be appreciative for all of our blessings, whatever they may be! Plus, we can take our time to write a personal note because the holiday rush has not quite started yet!

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