Time for Holiday Cards!

Halloween is almost here and that means one thing; the holidays are just around the corner! When we think of the holiday season there are many things that come to mind: snowmen, getting together with friends and family, the smell pies baking, and of course, holiday cards! Holiday cards help us remind people, especially those we do not see everyday, that we are still thinking of them.

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This is precisely why Christmas cards for business have become so popular. Sending cards to clients and customers is the perfect way to remind them how much you value their business. As an administrative assistant, I am usually the point of communication between the company I work for and any services we need, and I always feel appreciated when I receive a holiday card from one of the companies we’ve worked with. Not to mention, they are usually the first ones I remember when I need to use that service again.

Last year, I suggested to my supervisor that we should send out our own business Christmas cards and he loved the idea! Although what he loved even more was how many of our customers mentioned how happy they were to receive them and how it really made them feel like we took a personal interest in their business. I definitely started a new tradition at our company; he’s already having me research the designs for this year’s card!

8 thoughts on “Time for Holiday Cards!”

  1. Good move, businesses should always remember the people who remained loyal to them during the year. I also patronize the vendors that remembered us at Christmastime with a business holiday card-it is a deciding factor may times during the year.

  2. I can’t wait to purchase holiday cards for the small business that I own. I just started my business last year and I feel that this will be a great way to go above and beyond to show my clients that I’m thinking about them during the holidays. Honestly, who doesn’t love getting a holiday card instead of more junk mail? There are so many to choose from on The Gallery Collection website, I have to start looking as soon as possible!

  3. Honestly, this company makes it so easy to purchase cards I don’t have anything to complain about. The website is really easy to use, but I usually call because they keep on file everything we’ve done in past years – it seriously only takes me like 5 minutes to order my cards and we’re always really happy with them.

  4. Sending out company Christmas cards is really a great way to maintain a great relationship with clients. Not only do they feel appreciated, but they also will remember you and your company. When my company orders from The Gallery Collection, we receive many compliments on the cards. I believe that this makes us stand out a little more as well.

  5. Without a doubt, all businesses small or large should send out holiday cards for that special touch. In this day and age, businesses have been slower than usual, and by sending the card, the customers will enjoy receiving them and will keep them in mind for future business. That is also a great way of advertising, especially sending a calendar card that will be a constant reminder for the entire year. The money you spend on buying the cards can up end giving the businesses extra business.

  6. I own a landscaping business and I want to send out a theme card which represents my business. I was looking for something with a landscape or trees. Well I came across a card with a dual purpose, a calendar card. I can’t decide if I want to order the one with the tree or the card that depicts the seasons. Either way I will print my company name on the bottom with a few other details. I am thanking my customers for their business and they will be reminded of me all year while displaying the calendar card for all to see!

  7. I start sending my business Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving. Since my cards are usually the first ones my customers receive they get remembered the most. If they display the cards they get this means that my company name is on display from Thanksgiving until the end of the year. That kind of advertisement is priceless.

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