Design 644AR – Congratulations Banner Greeting Card

I remember years ago when I worked as an employee for a sporting goods chain. One of the nice things working for the folks who ran that company was their acknowledging of both my birthday and company anniversary with the presentation of very nice congratulations cards. Now that I am a member of a corporate executive team, I make absolutely sure that my employees always receive business congratulations cards to commemorate special occasions in their lives.

The one I picked out for this year is Design 644AR – Congratulations Banner Greeting Card. This is a fun and colorful design that says exactly what I want to say in a most cheerful and happy way. The design depicts a banner across the top of the card that reads, ”Congratulations from all of us!”, with the lettering in all different colors ranging from blue and green to red and gold.

Design 644AR - Congratulations Banner Greeting Card
Design 644AR - Congratulations Banner
Greeting Card

Below are four people – two men and two women (the same makeup as our executive group) – with big smiles on their faces, holding multi-colored balloons and standing in a large, opened gift box. Multi-colored streamers and confetti lend an accent as a final touch.

I have yet to see a more joyful and pleasing business congratulations card to give to a valued employee! Design 644AR – Congratulations Banner Greeting Card really fits the bill!

6 thoughts on “Design 644AR – Congratulations Banner Greeting Card”

  1. My last company used to give us congratulations cards whenever we made a big sale. Then some new owners came in and got rid of the cards…along with a lot of other perks. That’s probably why I’m not with them any more.

  2. I feel a simple token of appreciation or recognition like a card congratulating success is important. For my job I know it helps to receive some form of satisfaction along the way to help drive me towards accomplishing future goals.

  3. It is truly a wise employer who seeks a variety of ways to get their employees to buy-in to the vision of the company. Taking away perks will only drive good workers into the arms of another employer. Personally, I’ve always appreciated the business greeting cards I received at work.

  4. This card truly says “We’re happy for you.” So many people are jealous of others’ successes. It’s important to celebrate with those among us who work hard and are deservedly rewarded for their efforts.

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